A silly question about comfort in the hospital...

I will be going in for my RCS in a few weeks and I was wondering about what to wear in the hospital.  I get that I want the upper portion of my PJ's to be tanklike for easy access BFing but has anyone had discomfort from getting PJ's with loose bottoms or should I just go for a nightgown.  I have been looking at everything from nursing gowns to separates and I am finding that my choices in gowns are limited by my budget, plus I don't want to look like a grandma (I know, comfort over style but I have the time to hunt for something I like,lol...I hope >.>).
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Re: A silly question about comfort in the hospital...

  • I wore pajamas pretty much the whole time I was in the hospital, they where maternity/nursing ones. The top had easy access to fee baby and the bottoms where pants. I wanted to look halway normal/decent so pants a top where the best option. As long as the pants go up higher you will be fine. You will still lok/feel like 5-6 months pregnant after you deliver.
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  • I wore the hospital gown the first two days because honestly i just didn't have the energy to get my own clothes out of my bag and even after a shower I still felt kinda gross, so I prefered the hospital gown....the third day I have a sleeveless nightgown that was really comfy (but very old-lady-ish lol) I think if you want to go with separate top and bottoms then go for a high waist line so that It wont end up hitting you right at the incision site, also something with a wide panel of elastic can offer some extra support to your belly as well. :)
  • I wore the hospital gown for the first two days and then a sleeveless nursing nightgown from Motherhood on day three. Pants annoyed me since they always seemed to get bunched up around my legs in bed. I wore lose yoga pants on the day I went home. They were ones that I had worn throughout my pregnancy.


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  • First birth: Cotton pajama pants and tank top from Old Navy. I had an emergency c-section, so I wore no clothes until I left the hospital - always pajamas.

    Second birth: Velour track suits from Victoria's Secret - took off the hoodie at night (tank top underneath) and voila! Pajamas.

    Third birth: This time around, I've got two pairs of cotton pants from Amazon that I practically live in! They're discontinued now or I would order more pairs - they are a lot like yoga pants. I plan on pairing them with comfortable t-shirts and tank tops. I'll probably wear them home too. 


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  • I wore the hospital gown the whole time both times. I brought pj pants to wear, but pulling them up and down to pee and change my pad seemed like too much work. I'll bring pj pants again though, just in case I decide i want them. 


  • I got up and showered the second the nurses would let me and changed into a nursing tank top, yoga pants with the roll-down top (very comfy and didn't bother my incision), a hoodie, and slippers.  I also had some black granny panties a size bigger than normal, and my own Always overnight pads.  I felt like a million bucks after cleaning up, brushing my hair/light makeup, and "real clothes."

    I also felt a lot better doing laps around the hallway to get moving, and felt a lot more comfortable being in regular clothes rather than hospital gowns because there were so many people in the hallways.

    I think packing 2 dark colored pairs of yoga-type pants, 3 nursing tanks, and a robe or hoodie sweatshirt would be good for the average c-section stay. 

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  • Yoga pants! After the day of my c-section, I didn't wear a hospital gown any more. It just made me feel better to be in my own clothes. 
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  • I wear yoga pants.
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  • I wore pj pants a size bigger than my pp size. They were super comfy and it worked. I prefer separates over nightgowns, but that's my preference. I also have heard that yoga pants are super comfy after a cs. 
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  • I wore the hospital gown for a few days and then I switched to sweatpants, a nursing tank, and a hoodie.  I wished that I had brought my jammies so I could wear something other than the hospital gown at night.  
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  • I wore the hospital gown until the day after when I was allowed to shower and then changed into a really comfy pair of PJ pants and just a T-shirt with my nursing bra underneath.  I will probably do the same the next time. And my OWN pillows!
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  • Thank you, mamas.  It just has been so long since I had a baby and I just wanted to know what the consensus was.  I really wanted to by separates or wear pants because I do know it can be cold in the hospital but I didn't want to be uncomfortable because of the incision.  I think I can buy that cute Hello Kitty PJ set I have been eyeballing. Stick out tongue
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