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Am I carrying my baby in my back?! Wtf does that even mean?

My lower back has been killing me lately! And it's just my lower back. It seems to really start to hurt me when I've been on my feet for an extended period of time or if I've been sitting down too long. The only relief is laying down, and since I've got this abundant amount of energy, I don't feel like laying down is really an option for me. Anyway, I've recently been seeing a Chiropractor because my mom talked them up a whole lot and I guess it's a huge advantage to take when you're pregnant. But that hasn't helped me in the least bit with my lower back either. My mom said I could be carrying in my back? I don't know what that means?! And could that explain why I'm not gaining much weight? I'm about 16 weeks pregnant, and maybe have gained a pound or two. Is there any kind of relief I can take? I've been putting heat packs on it, but even that seems to help very little.

Re: Am I carrying my baby in my back?! Wtf does that even mean?

  • Usually it means your just carrying further back, unlike me. I'm carrying all up front. I look like I have a ball under my shirt, I'm 22 weeks.
    I also have pain in my lower back if I'm standing or sitting for a long time. I think it just comes with being pregnant. I usually just apply icy hot when its bothering me.
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  • Many, if not most, pregnant women have back pain. Mine comes & goes in waves- I'm thinking it's because of growth spurts! I talked to my doctor & he said rest, warm baths, & Tylenol are best. Hope you start getting some relief!!!
  • Is it just your lower back that is hurting?

    During the last couple of weeks I have had waves of lower back pain, and so I've taken a warm bath, and a hot shower to help relax my muscles. I noticed though that whenever my back was really hurting, so were my heels. I attributed my lower back pain to poor posture while standing. Mine especially happens on the weekends when I've been painting the baby's room. (Painting special characters - not the actual wall). Shifting my weight to the middle of my foot while painting/standing has helped. 

    If its normal back pain, then I would suggest the warm bath and stretching - constant stretching.

  • My back is killing me.  I had back pain before pg (on and off), so I knew I'd have this problem but was hoping it wouldn't be this early.  My back goes out so easily so I'm just trying to be really careful.  I try and stretch everyday- and hopefully that helps.  I think back pain is def common in pg.  I go to the chiro (haven't since pg) every few months and it always helps.  Maybe try him/her a couple more times and maybe that'll help?


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  • ha, my grandma has said this about me with first 2 pregnancies and again with this one. basically because i don't carry out front but more internally (as my dr. put it). i did find out with my 2nd that my uterus is tilted backwards which may have something to do with how i carry babies. but i think lower back is pretty common for all pregnant women.
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