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appt. update

35 weeks 3 days. they put me on bed rest last week after bleeding and finding out im 2cm dilated. today she told me.im still 2 , 70 effaced the babys head is at 1 station they want me to stay on bedrest until 37 weeks so he doesnt come too early. she doesnt think Im going to make it to my due date. but hey well see , any STM ever had a similar situation?

Re: appt. update

  • I can't relate, but wishing you many thoughts and prayers LO stays put till atleast 37 w, more will be great but no showing their face till min of 37w!
    April 10 IUI BFN Sept 10 IUI BRN Feb 11 IVF hoping for a BFP! Feb 27 ER 28 eggs Mar 4 8 health eggs, 2 ET Mar 17 - Beta 180!! BFP!!! Mar 21 - Beta 1295!! holy cow what a jump Coming soon 1st Sono March 30!!! Crossing fingers for healthy stick bean(s) Mar 29 miscarry :( 6w 3d 2nd IVF July 2011 BFP July 2011 M/C 11/11/11 hate to say good bye again! Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers 3rd IVF 4/3/12 ER 46 eggs (holly cow batman) 40 mature, 36 fertilized 4/8/12 ET 2 AB put back 4/10/12 15 make it to FREEZE 4/22/12 Beta BFN 1st FET 6/7/12 Day we are going to put back 2. 6/21/12 BFP 1285 6/25/12 4780 I hope this time they stick!! Deaglan William welcome. My rainbow is finally here February 7, 2013
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