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smoking again....

 so disappointed on myself, but I am soooo frustrated with DH (problems for years now), MIL, living abroad, not having friends that I find some comfort in it. Horrible I know...

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Re: smoking again....

  • What method(s) did you try in the past to quit? FWIW I know tons of people who swear by Chantix.
  • Try the electric cig!  DH was a horrible smoker until DD was born.  The electric cig has kept him from cigs ever since.  He just smokes his fake lemon berry nicotine. lol. 

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    What method(s) did you try in the past to quit? FWIW I know tons of people who swear by Chantix.

    This. I don't if you can get it where you're at. Ask your doctor. GL!

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  • My husband used Chantix years ago. He started back a year later but then after taking it again, he was fine.

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  • Ug, I quit so I know how insanely hard it is.  It sounds like you have a LOT on your plate right now which makes it even harder, so don't beat yourself up.  Be proud of yourself for wanting to quit, and tomorrow or next week, is another day:).  I ate tons of candy to give myself something to help with nervous energy, LOL
  • I really want the electric cig, but here you can't find them..... :( 

    things with DH are worse and worse.... There is so much distance between us, sometimes I wish I could just go back home .... 

     Thank you guys for all the support! 

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  • Can you ship them from online?  Amazon?  Or buy them and have family or a friend ship it there?  I know DH loves it more than smoking cigs bc he can use it whenever and wherever. 

    As for the DH problems - not to pry, so ignore if I am, but what's going on?  Can we help at all? 

    DH and I have been married 10 years this year and we have had our fair share of problems.  Marriage is effin' hard work.  If we can help at all, please post or pm me.  :)  Hugs!

  • First off - marriage is hard, and I had no idea that having a baby would change it so much . I was so in love with me H when I was pregnant....I did NOT think I would let anything get in the way. Then I met my son. I now know what love really is, I still adore my H of course, but it's different. I know it's hard. When it comes to smoking, I just had my 5 year quitting anniversary this month. I know how hard it is, especially if you have recently given up the habit. Just try to remember how much better it is for you (physically) and how much better it is for your baby to have you around for a very long time. My dad just died in November from lung cancer (life long smoker) and I'd give anything to still have him around. Just remember your kiddo! Good luck, you can do it! 

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    Me: 35 DH: 36 
    BFP#1 3/17/11 - DS born 12/4/11
    TFAS since Dec 2013
    BFP#2 - 3/23/14 - CP 3/26/14
    July '14 - Met with RE - Ovulation dysfunction and LP defect
    July/Aug '14 - 50mg Clomid, Ovidrel trigger, TI, Prometrium in 2WW - BFP! 8/20/14
    U/S at 7&8 weeks showed little growth, baby measured only 6 weeks at both appts. 9/22/14- Natural Miscarriage
    Oct/Nov '14 - 50mg Clomid, Prometrium in 2WW - BFFN
    Dec '14 - Natural cycle until flex spending kicks back in Jan. for treatment cycle #3
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