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Room Sharing for LO's

DS is 7 months old, and we are thinking about TTC. My biggest concern is that the LO's will almost definitely have to share a room until we move (which is not in the works for several years). Will this ruin DS1's sleep?



Re: Room Sharing for LO's

  • I am expecting #2 and DD will have to share a room with the new baby, since my elderly grandmother is in our care and sleeps in the third bedroom. I was worried about this too and a friend of mine (mom of 3) said it'll be super difficult to get a toddler back to sleep in the middle of the night. So we're going to have the second baby sleep in a bassinet in our room until the baby is sleeping better through the night. 
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  • It really depends on your oldest. My kids have shared from day 1 with zero issues.
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  • We only have a 2BR house so we knew our girls would have to share a room. We had DD2 sleep in our room as a newborn in the PNP bassinet and then set up her crib in our room at around 6 months once she hit the 15 lb weight limit on the bassinet. She stayed in our room up until 15 months. We wanted to make sure that she was consistently STTN before moving the girls in together.

    They've been sharing a room for close to 3 months now. DD2 has been teething like crazy during that time and we've dealt with both kids periodically being sick and waking up during the night. It did take some adjustment on both of their parts and there were some rough moments when they woke each other up. It's been getting much easier though. They've pretty much gotten used to each others noises now and seldom wake each other up. Even if they do, most of the time they go right back to sleep now.
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  • We have 3 bedrooms, but the 3rd is DH's office which he will not give up. I'm also pretty sure DH would kick LO2 and me out of master bedroom way before 6 months, much less 15 months. Since I SAH, he expects me to take care of all the night duties and gets rather frustrated when his beauty sleep is interrupted. I guess we will have to be "one and done" unless we can move or I have a yardsale to clear out DH's office. Stick out tongue


  • I have a 2 and 3 year old and a 4 month old. We put my 2nd child in same bedroom with 2st child around 10 months and it was a little tough. If one woke up from a nightmare or something the other would wake up at first but after sharing about a month they slept through each other waking up. I am planning to put the baby in their room around 1 year.
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