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How do you do Nap time?

So my DS is a champ at sleeping! He takes two naps a day (1st one is about 1.5 hours and the 2nd one is anywhere from 30min-1.5 hours) and he sleeps 12-13 hours at night I rock him for a few minutes to give him the idea that its time for bed and then we put him in his crib and walk out, he usually "talks" for a few minutes then he's out for the night....but naps are a different story, I have to rock him until he is completely asleep for naps otherwise its not going to happen. It doesn't take too long (anywhere from 2-15 minutes) to get him to sleep and then he's good to go. I was wondering if anyone has some advice as to how you put your LO down for a you just pop them in their crib and eventually they fall asleep? How long does it take them to fall asleep? Do you have blackout shades in their room? Thanks! 

Re: How do you do Nap time?

  • Naps are struggle right now because she has realized she is the only one going down. She thinks she is missing something.

    She does not get rocked. She isn't a fan of that anymore. For bed and naps, she just get laid down in her crib, covered with a blanket, and given her paci. At night this is fine. It worked for naps too until this past week. I'm hoping her hatred of naps is just a phase.

    We don't do a dark room. We are on the go all summer so she needs to sleep in the car, the stroller, etc. a lot. So she needs to know how to sleep when it is bright out.

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  • He usually falls asleep on his own for naps. Usually around 10 and 5 every day. Once he starts rubbing his eyes I lay him in his bed and let him play with a few soft toys. He usally wiggles around a bit, talks to himself, and then falls asleep.

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  • I put DD down awake. It can take her anywhere from 5 min to 15 min to fall asleep. We follow a similar routine to her bed time routine...diaper, book, bed. We do have blackout blinds in her room and we use a white noise machine as well. 
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  • I rock her to sleep. It is my favorite time of the day.. we rock and I usually put on whatever show I'm currently addicted to on netflix, she falls asleep. It's so hard for me to want to put her in the crib after she is down, she has no problem with it, but I sometimes want to cuddle all day..
  • I do exactly what you do for naps but it seems to work eventually. I do have the room completely dark with blackout shades. My LO has learned to nap in different environments so being dark doesn't really affect him. I try to catch him when he shows signs of being tired then we go upstairs, rock for about 10 minutes then I lay him down.
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  • No suggestions here.. I rock him for naps and at night (if he doesn't fall asleep nursing).  Apparently when he's at daycare, our daycare lady will just lay him in the crib and he goes right to sleep, but he won't do that at home.  I've tried just laying him in his crib when he's awake but sleepy and nothing happens.  He'll stand in his crib and "talk", play around, sometimes cry, but 45 min later he's still wide awake.  2-3 min of rocking and he's fast asleep.
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  • Thanks everyone! I actually tried just rocking him for a few minutes (but not until he was asleep) today and then putting him in his crib, he cried for a few minutes but then went right to sleep.....I guess I was afraid he'd put up more of a fight lol. Maybe this will continue to work :)
  • We usually read a couple of books to wind down before nap time, then it's white noise machine, shades drawn and I just put him in his crib. He's been sleep trained for awhile though so it's very unusual for him to fight a nap.

    I don't have blackout shades, and I'm glad I don't. There are times he has to nap in lighter places (grandma's, out shopping, etc.) and I like him to be used to there being some light.

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