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OB Vent

I posted weeks ago about the severe vaginal discomfort I have been in. The itching and swelling were so painful I actually cried at times. I spoke to my doctor a month ago about it and she didn't even listen to my symptoms or do an exam..she just told me it was probably hormones and ignored it. On top of this I have been having multiple contractions every hour for 5 weeks with no known cause. I saw the other doctor in the practice for my most recent appointment and told her about my recurring contractions. Her first question was if I had any signs of an infection. Ummm hell yes!!!!!! She immediately did an internal exam and found out I have a severe infection bacterial vaginosis. No big deal but left untreated in pregnancy it can cause preterm labor and low birth weight. Not good when I'm already contracting and carrying a baby with IUGR!! I can't tell you how mad I am that I could have been treated for 4 weeks now. Thanks stupid OB!!!!!!!
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Re: OB Vent

  • omg i would be freaking pissed!! how the heck did none of the iching and swelling concern the ob??? especially considering your circumstances! i had some freakish swelling down there, like frankenstein proportions, and they brought me in as soon as  i called just to look. if i were you i would NOT be seeing that first ob again, but if you do have to see them make SURE as H E L L to tell them about the infection that he IGNORED!

  • That is pretty ridiculous.  Did you mention to the other OB that you had told your regular OB?  I mean, what if this is the cause of your LO not gaining weight?!  Definitely complain and ask to switch to the other OB who actually listened to you.

  • Wow, I am SO glad that you have a different OB that has diagnosed the problem!  I hope that at least you are feeling better now that you are receiving proper treatment!
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  • Oh my goodness! I hope you are switching OBs or are at least still comfortable seeing yours. I don't know that I would be.


  • Yikes, I'm really sorry that your diagnosis was delayed for so long. I had a pretty wicked infection, too, for my 1st trimester and most of my second. It really, really sucks. I started taking Rephresh ProB, and there's another probiotic called Femdophilus, which is similar, to try to help balance the good bacteria after the antibiotic treatment. They're a little expensive, but I really have noticed a difference since I started taking them and haven't had an infection since.

    Also, add some yogurt with live cultures to your diet! The antibiotic treatment can cause a yeast infection. No one deserves that much misery.
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