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Another FTM vent..

I really hate the horror stories people feel the need to tell you when they find out you're a FTM.  One lady my DH knows thinks it's her mission to scare the crap out of us, or so it seems. As soon as we found out we were having a boy she decided to warn us about autism and how we need to watch him closely because it's so common.  Then tonight she asked how long we had and proceeded to let us know about her water breaking at 35 weeks and how she went into pre-term labor with all 3 of her boys. So we need to look for that.  Really? I have enough to worry about. I just want to enjoy my last couple of months. 

Anyone else have the same thing happening? 

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Re: Another FTM vent..

  • Lol. My MIL and SIL are kind of like that. They always think about the worst case scenario. I just laught at their face. We have a close relationship though so I guess I can do that lol. The latest one was my SIL commenting on the hospital I will be giving birth at. She tells me" you know you got lucky that your water broke in the middle of the night and you didn't get any traffic to get to the hospital the first time around. What are you going to do about all of the traffic if you go into labor in the middle of the day?" so I responded "I guess if that happens it would be a good thing because I'll probably be at the office and only be 5 minutes away." lol.

    I wouldn't give that lady too much importance. Clearly she's a negative person and why would you want to feed into that?

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  • my mil is like that. I dont think its intentional but she always has to remind me how horrible her pregnancy was with my husband (hes the only child) and how she wasnt having anymore kids. How horrible a baby he was cause he was colicky and always sick. How she never slept when he was brought home and how she heard him screaming when he was getting circumcised ( we are having a boy).
  • Ugh! A good friend of mine has wished me luck a few times in regards to getting an epidural at the hospital where I'll be delivering. When she had her daughter over 2 years ago, apparently the anesthesiologist wouldn't go in to the hospital to give her one in the evening (he only worked days, I guess? Odd!), so she seems to think the same will happen to me. I've actually been quite surprised by this comment because she's usually so supportive. I'm finding it annoying. If she brings it up one more time I'm going to snark back.
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  • My hubby's manager keeps going on and on and on and on about how rough "petite" women's labors are... he keeps saying my mom and sister had 3 each naturally and they are the same size as me, doctor says we're both perfectly healthy and gave the ok to go natural, but no, she always has something to say. Some people are just negative.....

    But I have 2 co-workers who had natural labors within the last year, both on the smaller side, who are always there to say "you can do it!" - so I'd rather listen to them :)

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  • I think it depends who the stories are coming from.  I have a few close friends with kids and I want to hear the "real" side of labor and what it's like having kids from them.  

    It is the unsolicited, doom and gloom stories from people I don't know that well or don't talk to that much that I don't want to hear.

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  • I hate to tell you this but they don't stop the 2nd time around.  This time I'm getting all the horror stories of having 2 kids.  I don't expect it to be easy, but I'm sure we'll be just fine.  They loved to tell me all their horror stories of L&D and my experience was awesome.  They loved to mention their pooch bellies and how "wait until you see what your body looks like after".....mine didn't look any different.  Take it all with a grain of salt.   
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