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Confession #1- I've been stalking you for awhile now... 

Confession #2- I'm totally and completely stuck in "Baby Brain" mode.

So I'm curious, how do you all deal with the stress of it all?

I'm really trying to focus on the positive, and give myself only a certain amount of time each day to think about it, but that's easier said than done.  

I've also been working out, focusing on a healthy diet, and journaling, but still, it's just always there on my mind, especially when anticipating AF, and praying she doesn't come... 

 Anyone out there find any good tricks to get it off of your mind? (Especially the negative thoughts... How do you stay positive?) 

(Oh, and Happy MLK Day and Go Ravens! :))

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  • I'm a SAHM so DS keeps me pretty busy. Other than that, I read, write, cook, do crafts, bump, etc.

    But welcome to the board and GL.
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  • Welcome!

    I don't have any advice to offer. I've been a hot mess these past 3 months trying. I have tons of hobbies, but am just overly excited.

    Good luck to you!

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  • Welcome!

    I'm new to the boards as well!

    It has been one month of trying for me and I had no idea that TTC would constantly be on my mind!

    I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's responses!

    Best of luck to you on your journey and looking forward to getting to know you!

  • I'm a Broncos fan... soooo yeah. I don't think we can be friends. :) just kidding. I'm so depressed over that whole debacle... ughh.

    Find something to keep you busy--- anything! My work hours have been crazy this month and time has literally flown by. 

    Unfortunately, or fortunately, it's gotten easier for me as a little time has gone by.

    Good luck and welcome. 


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  • Welcome.  Sounds like you're already well on your way.  Best of luck.


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  • Welcome and GL!
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  • Thanks, ladies! It actually helps just to put it out there... Now I see why people do this! :) 
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  • Wine.


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  • Welcome and Good Luck!  Both my boys keep me pretty busy but ttc still finds away into my mind multiple times throughout the day.  It doesnt get any easier...even the third time around.  Hope you get your BFP soon :)
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  • Welcome and good luck!

    I try and keep busy. I love cooking and baking, we're in the middle of moving which is very busy, and some days I just like to forget the real world by watching junky TV!

    There are times I do get sad. Today another friend revealed they are KU. And its not that I'm not happy for them I just wish it was me. I try and limit myself to a couple of minutes to feel crap and then try and get over it!

    I hope your stay here is short!

  • Welcome! I would say hobbies and charting help me reduce my stress. The first month was the most stressful. Now I am getting to know my cycle to increase my chances and Im starting to be able to know when stressing about getting ku is beyond my control and what is in my control.
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  • Welcome!!!

    I blog, and started a new workout routine. That keeps it off my mind most of the time. Other than that, I just spend time with a lot of people or cook.

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  • image deziniki:
    The first month was the most stressful. Now I am getting to know my cycle to increase my chances and Im starting to be able to know when stressing about getting ku is beyond my control and what is in my control.

    I couldn't agree more about the first month or 2. That was tough! The stress went away for awhile, and I was able to distract myself, but now (7 months in) it's back. I love what you said about it not being in your control... I've been reciting the Serenity Prayer again and again. It definitely helps. 

     Thanks for your support! 

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  • I'm a full time student and now that schools back in session I find myself having a lot less time to think about it. I believe keeping busy is key.


    Welcome and GL! 

  • image pantherRN:


    So this!  Lots and lots of wine.


    Welcome & good luck.


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  • Welcome!

    I have decided to make my body as healthy as possible for future baby so every month I keep up with my workouts and healthy choices and devote myself to pregnancy preparation!

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  • Welcome and GL!  I hope your stay here is short!

    I have a DS and 2 stepdaugthers and work full time so that keeps me pretty busy.  I also run and drink wine.  That fills in the rest of the time for me Wink

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  • Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

    Today is day 28 in my cycle, which means it's taking every bit of my will power to not go buy more tests to pee on. I'm tired of the BFN, so I told myself I wouldn't test again until AF was a week late. (I did stare at the tests in Rite Aid today, but I stayed strong and didn't buy.) It's just such a let down every time.

    Anyone else feel this way about testing?

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