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Severe Constipation

Have not been able to go to the bathroom since Friday night and I am so uncomfortable. I took a sample of Citrucel that was in my prenatal bag from the OB/GYN-says may produce bowel movement in 12-72 hours. How encouraging!Ick! Any advice? I don't feel so good.

Re: Severe Constipation

  • I had the same problem. 

    I did a crap tone (pun intended)  of prune juice.  I've been taking Metamucil every day and I drink warm water.  Apparently it's supposed to help stimulate your guts.


    Don't push too hard, you'll get 'roids. 

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  • My OB told me to take Colace (you can take it daily) and then when it gets really bad, she said I can take Miralax. I've also started mixing prune juice with my apple juice in the AM. 

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  • I am right there with you. Just chugged some wal mucil generic metamucil lol.
  • I don't know what you are going through as I'm usually a regular person, even when pg, but here are two suggestions:

    1. stool softener (it might help you go but it will deifnitley make it easier when you finally do go)

    2. oatmeal - I am in the bathroom within 30 minutes after eating oatmeal! I guess its all the fiber but it does the trick!

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  • Is there anything that you know makes you "go"? For me, it's coffee. I don't drink it on a regular basis (esp now that I'm pg) but one cup and I was able to poop like a normal human being. It was basically amazing.



  • Whatever you do, don't push too hard!  The repercussions can be very painful.

    And maybe talk to your doctor about a fleets enema (you can purchase them for a couple books at CVS and give them to yourself).  And once you've cleared the current stopper keep doing some of the other gals suggestions (stool softener, fiber, prune juice). 

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