3rd Trimester

what are you doing for last minute things for yourself?

whether it be stocking up on some wine for after baby is here, making a hair appt, getting a pedicure, making & freezing meals, deep cleaning your house...is there anything you plan on doing for yourself before baby comes?

I went to this "pregnancy hour" on friday night - it's basically a bunch of pregnant women who get together, all at various stages in their pregnancy and talk - it's kind of like a real life "the bump." one woman mentioned she was having a home birth, so she was getting things ready like having some red wine available, and getting her fav Belgium chocolates.

I plan on having my hair done, and a pedicure at around 35ish weeks and then taking a whole weekend to cook a bunch of meals with my H so we can freeze them.  

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Re: what are you doing for last minute things for yourself?

  • I've already started cooking/freezing but I will definitely be getting my hair cut, a pedicure, and a prenatal massage closer to my due date.  If I make it to 38 weeks I am also going to eat a whole container of Talenti Salted Caramel gelato just because I can, LOL.  I can't buy it because the container lasts two days at most so I figure if it'll be my last "hurrah" so to speak right at the end.

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  • I have been making and freezing meals for several weeks now. I do a weekly meal plan anyway so I have been including meals each week that I can double or triple to freeze or adding on a meal or two for the freezer. I have also done some extra cleaning and laundry. On Saturday I got a much needed pedicure. I scheduled a hair appt for Thursday but I'm going to have to cancel because I will have the baby by then (being induced on Wed morning).
  • I made sure I read a couple of good books. I just ate a HUGE brunch after my doc appointment. I am just trying to spend as much tie with DH and puppy as possible. 

  • I have all my hair/nail appointments the day of my shower at 36 weeks and then I'll probably set everything up again so its done closer to my due date. We also hired a live in housekeeper who will be starting in a few weeks. I'm not doing freezer meals mainly because we just don't eat that way. As far as wine and other indulgences, since I'll be breast feeding, I don't plan on having any more or less than I have now.
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  • I have a hair appt. at 35 weeks and plan on getting a pedi closer to my due date. I also plan on buying a cute new of pair of sweats from VS to make me feel cute while lounging at home. No frozen meals for me. Our fridge is just too small. I'm also trying to enjoy my DH and doggies as much as I can as well. 
  • When I'm full term, I plan on getting a pedicure and prenatal massage. Other than that, I'm spending lots of time just snuggling and playing with my DD.
  • We're moving next week.  At 37 weeks!  I feel so bad taking off work, but I might give my students some practice with a sub so I can have one day to myself after all the work we are about to do!  I want to get some sewing done, get a pedicure and haircut, and take a dang nap!

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  • I'm taking advantage of a groupon I got for a mani-pedi-facial bright and early tomorrow morning.

    If I'm still pregnant at 38 weeks, I promised myself another pedicure. If I go before then, I'll be going the week my mom is in town (which should be at least 3 weeks post-partum if I go before 38 weeks).

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  • I've made a bunch of freezer meals and I got my hair cut last week. I'm going to dye my hair and paint my toe nails as soon as I find the time. I'm stocking up on oatmeal for breakfast, it helps with your milk supply. 
  • With DD my big last minute prep was getting some of my gardens in order, knowing I wouldn't be making it out there for some time after she arrived. 

    This time around I'll be making sure to set aside some quality 1:1 activities with DD.  

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  • I'll be getting a pedicure/haircut and highlight around 37 or 38 weeks. We're also getting the house cleaned - we won't have a regular house cleaner (although I would love one), but I'm looking forward to getting a good cleaning in before baby comes. I'll also be going to Dream Dinners to make up some meals for the freezer - relatively cost effective, and all of the food prep/cleanup is done for you, so it's awesome. I can put together 13 meals in 2 hours. I love that place. I will also get one bottle of wine for after baby is born - I'll be breastfeeding too, but I would love one glass after she gets here.
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  • Meals are cooked, hair is dyed, the guest rooms are made up (ILs will come and stay overnight to meet baby in the hospital but will be gone before we come home) and my toenails are painted!
  • I'm def going overboard to pamper myself this time.  Most of it was Christmas gift cards anyway.

    I am getting my hair cut/highlighted, massage, mani/pedi, eyebrow and Brazilian wax the weekend before my due date. 

    I also have some blueberry champagne for DH and I. 

    I hope this keeps me from wanting the baby to come earlier : ) 

    Edit: Yes we do have planned for each boy a mommy/daddy alone date and I am going out of town to my parent's house so they can get one last visit in with the boys before another one arrives. 

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  • I'm getting a massage next week.  My mom gave me a gift certificate for Christmas that never expires, but I wanted to have it before LO comes.


    no freezer meals here...DH and I are both home in the daytime, so he'll just take over kitchen duty for a while, or he'll take the LO while I cook.   Yay for early retirement!


  • I am taking a work trip down to Florida at 33 weeks, which will be awesome since Minnesota has been so effing cold lately. I added two days on to the trip where I won't be working so I will get some awesome alone beach time, which is much needed (especially since I have a toddler at home who requires my constant attention). Other than that I'm hoping to do freezer meals. 
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  • I have been organizing, organizing, organizing. Things that I'm not going to want to mess with when I have a newborn, I am doing now. 

    FI and I bought all new bedding today and organized our huge closet that still had moving boxes from almost two months ago. That was something nice that was just for us.

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  • I'm going to make a hair appointment and try to stock the freezer. Also organize the house and get some cleaning done. I really don't want a messy unorganized house when LO arrives. 
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  • I am getting my hair cut and nails done on Saturday, my shower is Sunday. Also, my mom is taking me shopping for some comfies and any last minute things I may need :)
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  • Mani, pedi, wax and hair appt all tomm!

    been cleaning everyday. Grocery shopping tomm too! 

     CS scheduled Thursday :) 

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  • I got my haircut last week and don't plan to have it done again until after baby arrives.  I must admit that I have been cleaning like a mad woman.  We only have a one-room apartment so there is not really much to do but every time i turn around I find something that needs cleaning/dusting/ adjusting etc.  Can't cook much but DH is taking over alot of the shopping and making sure the freezer is stocked  up.   My only other plan is to have a blowout shopping trip at the book store around 34 weeks. 
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