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progesterone suppositories for short cervix

hello, i have never done a blog before i just gotta know if anyone is having the same problem or has went through this and how it turned out. but i am 22weeks pregnant i am very happy i made it this far. this is my second pregnancy, my first i lost around 14 weeks. anyways everything was going great until i went to the doctor for my lower back hurting i to thought stretching or kidney infection. I go back friday for another cervix measurment. Thursday i was 2.7 and funneling. put on pregesterone suppositiories and bedrest. i feel so alone and scared... has anyone had good luck on the pregestrone supp???

Re: progesterone suppositories for short cervix

  • I'am taking the P17 now I started taking it at 14wks. I also have a short cervix so the doctor put me on bed rest.This is my first time taking it and so far so good I'm now 27wks pregnant. I have some friends who have been on the p17 shot  and they said they had a great experience. Just hang in there if you ever need to talk to anyone I'm here. I sometime feel alone and scared but talking to family and friends about it can make you feel better. I hope everything goes good. ;)
  • I was 19 weeks with twins and my cervix was 1.7 with funneling. I was prescribed progesterone suppositories and bed rest. So far I am 30 weeks and my cervix has remained between a 1.7 at the lowest and a 2.3 being the highest.

    I also had a round of steroid shots at 24 weeks which I would recommend you ask for if it hasn't already been put into action for you. But good news is, it sounds like you're in the clear. Just take it easy and listen to your body. When in doubt, call.

    ETA: forgot to mention that my funneling disappeared so dont lose hope!
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  • I had a cerclage done at 21.5 weeks due to very short funneling cercix (<1cm), but then started the progesterone suppositories around 28 weeks as a precaution.  I'm 38 weeks 2 days and am having a csection tomorrow!  I took my modified bed rest seriously also.  Just do as the dr. says and good luck!

    It's a BOY and a GIRL!!
  • everyone on here has been so helpful. you gave me some comfort.... i just have tnother question. did you have pains from the cervix changing? i told my doctor that my back was hurting and some cramping here and there. and i am so happy for you all that you made it to where you are...i go friday im hopeing things have changed for the good. i hope i have the same success......
  • I never could feel the change in cervix. Honestly, I'm not sure you can at all bit I could be wrong. I did notice some uncomfortable back pain in the first few weeks of bedrest due to just laying down all the time. As far as cramping, as long as I wasn't contracting or bleeding my doctor was never concerned. Especially since your ligaments are still stretching so most of the time, for me, it was just round ligament pain. Tylenol usually took the ache away and a warm bath did the trick with back pain for me. Also, drink way more water than you think is humanly possible. That should take away the cramping pain.

    Again, when in doubt call.
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  • I was put on the progeterone last week along with bed rest. I feel scared too. This is my second child. My first pregnacy everthing was fine but this one I'm on bed rest. I'm so worried that my boyfriend wont be here if/when I go into labor. He works out of state and is about 8 hours away. I wish you luck!!
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