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Ugh. Damn placenta!

It hasn't moved since my last u/s and is still too close to my cervix. Doc said he would give it till 32/34 weeks before talking csection. I'll do whatever to have a safe and healthy delivery but man I'd rather not have a csection. 


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Re: Ugh. Damn placenta!

  • Have faith.  Your placenta has 6-8 weeks to migrate.  That's up to two months.
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  • I feel ya!  My little gal's favorite position is breech so I am praying she finds another comfy position.  We still have time...
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  • I feel you.. .I'm in the same position. I have an u/s next week to see if my placenta has moved. If not, they want to talk c-section. Praying yours moves!

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  • Me too.  Was still low-lying at 26 week ultrasound.  Next ultrasound is scheduled for 32 weeks.  Fingers crossed!
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  • I wish all of you upwardly mobile placentas! Stick out tongue I know this might sound a little whoo-hoo, but have you tried lying down and relaxing and then visualizing it moving up? You could try it every night as you're going to sleep and see if anything happens. A little crazy, but it can't hurt...
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  • My ultrasound to check for the same thing is Wednesday...I'm glad to know they are giving you more time before making a definite decision. From the tone of my last appointment I thought this ultrasound was the decision making one! Thank you for enlightening me that there is still a chance that the placenta has not moved BUT that I might still get to attempt a vaginal delivery (something I really, really, REALLY want!) I will keep my fingers crossed for you & the PP that is going through the same thing. Please keep us updated.
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