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Tall Ladies: Wooden Glider or Fully Upholstered Glider

I'm 5'10" and am wondering what everyone's thoughts are on gliders... I like the "look" (though not the cost so much...) of fully upholstered gliders like the one on the left in the picture below. However, I wonder if it would be to low and not provide as much neck support for nursing as a more traditional glider like the one on the right.
If you have a specific brand of glider you LOVE or HATE, I'd love to hear it!
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Re: Tall Ladies: Wooden Glider or Fully Upholstered Glider

  • I am with you too. I am 6'1" and I would rather have an upholstered chair. I don't care for the look of the open gliders. 

    We are actually going to head to IKEA and check out the Jennylund chair and see if I can rest comfortably against that one. If I can I am getting that one and the hubby is going to put a rocker swivel base on it! :)

    The IKEA Poang chair works too for the tall ladies I read.  

    Good luck on the chair search!

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  • We opted for a recliner...way comfy! You use those arm rests and I can't imagine any of them would be comfortable.
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  • I started out with an upholstered glider that I got on Craigslist but was initially sold at Babies R Us.  It was way too low to the ground for me, but it didn't really become an issue until I had to use both arms to hold my sleeping kiddo and get up just using my legs.  I ended up finding a Best Chair glider in the same navy blue color (also on Craigslist) that was much higher in the seat and sold my old one.  

    My advice to anyone shopping for a glider is to try them out in person, sit down, get comfortable, and then try to stand up without using your hands or jerking your upper body too hard.  

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  • Not sure if you are actually considered the glider on far right side but if so (and it is the Shermag from BRU) I would highly recommend AGAINST it! I tried it out in store, loved it so much I ignored all of the reviews I found saying it could develop horrible squeak. Now, one year later, we can barely use ours bc the squeak is so bad. Just as a warning! 

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  • I'm 6' and opted for a rocker/recliner from a furniture store. It took some looking, but I found one that wasn't overstuffed and sleek enough to go with the nursery design. I'm sitting in it now nursing my baby girl and am so pleased I went this route!

     Sorry I can't make it clicky - on my iPad! 



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  • Another thing to think about is the height of the back of the glider to be able to rest your head comfortably. There is a company that makes taller gliders but they arent cheap. I wish I could remember the brand, but am drawing a blank at the moment.
  • I'm 5'11 and have a Best chair glider. It works well for me and my husband he's 6'2.
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