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Finally getting rid of me

Well lovely ladies Sweets is KTFU!!

We are in total shock. This was a treatment break and we didn't have great timing, so we didn't expect this at all. I'm freaking out. I can't stop crying. I have my beta tomorrow at 7:15am, but my tests aren't questionable, so I feel comfortable calling it.



Yesterday I took 2 FRER and 1 digi at 13dpo. (ETA: I clearly can't read my own chart. I think I tested 19dpo)


-1-O (that's it)


None really, and that is what prompted me to test because I wasn't feeling PMSy.


Per my LMP it is 9/24, but based off of when I think I ovulated it is 9/30 (and I'm going w/ that until my doctors tell me otherwise).

Telling DH:

I told him when he woke up yesterday morning and he was in total shock. He didn't believe me and then he started hugging me and telling me how happy and excited he is. When I got out of the shower I found him in our back bedrooms planning out the best place for our nursery.

Gushy Stuff:

Thank you all so much. For the last year that I've been on TTGP it has been a place I come for support and knowledge, and I couldn't imagine making it here mentally w/o you all. I have made some amazing friends on this board and can't tell you how much it means to me. I wish you all so much luck and love in your journeys. Love you!




Me: Total Thyroidectomy    DH: Varicocele 
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Re: Finally getting rid of me

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