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WWYD: formula.

We are currently using gerber soothe. But I am spending $120+ a month on formula. She used to take enfamil Gentlease but was relfuxy and the soothe helped. But now she is on cereal in her bottles per doctors instruction to help keep out of her formula Down. Should we try switching to a store brand formula. Like target or parent choice? Reccomendations? Thanks 

Re: WWYD: formula.

  • I don't have insurance so that's doubtful, but a good thought. 


    As far as I know nothing compares to it hence me not just going out and buying something,I wanted some extra opinions. I could ask my ped as well. But like to hear you guys thoughts on top of that :)  

  • We are using Nutramigen, so I feel for you on the outrageous costs!  Have everyone you know (or everyone you feel comfortable asking) to sign up on Gerber's website for coupons/checks to be mailed to them.  Then everyone can pass them along to you.  Every little bit helps!
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  • I don't know where you live, but if you have a Meijer near you, they make a store brand of the Soothe for about 15 a can. It's wonderful, and I think it actually mixes more nicely than the Gerber brand. We love it. I still buy the Gerber any time we have checks, but the Meijer brand is wonderful. I think it's called "tender."
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  • Oops, I'm a liar, we use "gentle" and that compares to meijer "tender." But it's still worth a try, a they make a "soothe" as well.
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  • Thanks! This is awesome to know about Meijer brand bc we use Gerber gentle to supplement! Yay!! I love Meijer!! 
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  • Walmart/parents choice has a Gerber generic, not sure if it is soothe or not, but it is worth a shot. FWIW, DS uses Similac Sensitive at home, but at daycare he uses the Target/up and up brand of it, and he does just fine. I would try a generic and see if it works. 
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  • I think I have a few coupons for gerber. Not sure how to private message but I would be happy to mail them to you.
  • Thanks everyone. I has gotten some grewt couponing advice and think I may give that a shot before giving up! :) maybe I will wait until her 4 month appointment and ask her ped then about her thoughts on switching. :) 
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