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How is your October Premie baby!?

Hey there!
Is there anyone else out there with a baby that was born early? My daughter was born 6 weeks early and I'm just looking for people to talk to, maybe compare stories and milestones and such... Our little girl was originally due dec 2nd but I guess she wanted to be out in time for Halloween! She spent 2 weeks in NICU but is wonderfully healthy now and growing rapidly!

Re: How is your October Premie baby!?

  • we have a few preemies around here. DD was born at 35 weeks and spent a week in the NICU. we just got her for month shots Friday. she's 14lbs and 24in. now. shes smiling now and can roll over. other ladies on the board have said their lo is laughing I'm super excited to hear that from her soon! 

    what about your lo? any new milestones? 

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  • also there is a preemie board you should check out!
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  • Congrats on your baby girl!  My twins were born six weeks early as well.  The Preemie board is an amazing place to find ladies that have gone through the same thing and have a lot of the same emotions and experiences.

    Honestly, I would probably just stay in the message board of when your baby was due; December.  Your little girl will still hit most developmental milestones at the times those babies will.  I don't think I could lurk on the September board (my girls were born on Sept 1) since those babies all hit milestones so much earlier and it would have been hard to read posts about smiles and things like that when my girls were no where near doing those things.  You are definitely welcome here if you would like to stay, though!!!!  I just wanted to express how I felt with my own preemies.

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    PAIF and SAIF welcome. IVF questions welcome, too.
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  • B was a month early. He was due Nov 7 and came Oct 10. He is doing great, STTN and eats like a champ. Still is a little wobbly with the head but doing amazing overall!
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  • Ds1 was born 6 wks early 1 week in the nicu. At first it seems like he was super far behind but slowly he kept getting closer to hitting his developmental milestones.


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  • My daughter was born 10/27 wasn't due til December 6th. I developed pre-e. She was also six weeks early. We spent 13 days in the NICU. She was 4 lbs 5.8 ounces when we were born she is now nine and a half pounds at 12 weeks old :) She has some bad reflux and is very colicky almost all the time. But she's growing great and its awesome to watch her grow!


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  • Ditto the premie board.

    DS is 24.5 weeks old, 15 weeks adjusted. He was born 9 weeks early and is doing great.

    Please feel free to ask any questions. :) 


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