Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

what do you put in the crib?

trying to figure out if we should start putting in stuffed animals, blanket, etc. curious what other people do, thanks!

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Re: what do you put in the crib?

  • DD has slept with a crocheted blanket since 5 months and a teddy bear since 11 months.

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  • At about 6 months Reese started sleeping overnight with her stuffed lamb. She was rolling and crawling by then.

    At about 15 months, we gave her a small blanket and a mini pillow pet.

    Now: 3 lambs, 2 pajanimals, blankey, mini pillow pet and a dream light.  

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  • We have 2 stuffed animals, 2 books, 2 blankets and a sippy.

    The blankets and sippy are at Child's insistance. The other stuff is so she has something to do for a bit in the morning/after nap so she doesn't shriek blood curdling screams before I get her out.

  • We have a lovey and a fish tank (hanging on side) if she wakes at 3 am she stands up hits her fishes and goes back to sleep.  It's our lifesaver
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  • I'm curious about this...I have only given him a stuffie/blanket thing twice and he's 12 months. I'm more worried about him waking up in the MOTN and deciding to play with it rather than go back to sleep. 
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  • After a year we let her have a blanket in her crib and it has just grown from there. Now she's 22 months old and has a pillow, blanket, and about 5 stuffed animals in there at any time. 
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  • We added a blanket right before she was a year, but to this day it stil ends up in a ball in the corner of the crib by morning.  She also has bumpers and her FP Seahorse.
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  • my lo is in a toddler bed but she has a blanket which she always kicks off, a mini pillow, and her favorite stuffed animal, sometimes she will take a 2nd one with her, just depends. we also have a bumper at the head of the bed and on the guard rail so she doesnt bump her head and wake up.
  • DD, 15 mos, has bumpers, a blanket, a lovey, her pacifier and a rainforest light hanging on the crib.  She also wears a sleep sack because the blanket always ends up in a ball in the corner and her crib railing cover has 3 places for toys to hang from and we switch those out.  The rainforest light is kind of like her snooze button and she will hit it in the morning and lay back down!  
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  • Sleep sheep in or around the crib from day 1.  

    Started using a blanket around 9 months.  

    Lovey around 11.

    After that, all bets were off.  Now he has 2 blankets, lovey, sheep, toddler pillow, and a couple other stuffed animals. 


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  • DS sleeps with his lion and a blanket.

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  • DS has slept with a stuffed animal since 7 months. Recently he's been sleeping with 2, one has music one doesn't. He also sleeps with a blanket and he's been doing that since 9 months.
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  • We didn't allow anything but Scout and a blanket until he switched to a regular bed at 20 months. I didn't want him to use stuff to boost himself out of the crib.

    Now he brings whatever he wants, plus a pillow and blanket. He normally has 5 stuffed animals, plus a couple random toys. Last night it was his tool box, and a few days before that a balance board. I usually take the hard toys out after he goes to sleep and leave everything else.


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  • A blanket. He throws Curious George out every night when I tuck him in.
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  • crib bumpers, a blanket or two, and 2+ pacifiers so he can find them should he was up....

    if I put anything else in there he gets mad and chucks it over the rail... lol not even toys get to stay in his crib  

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  • DS has a bumper, a blanket, two paciifiers, and a stuffed dog. His dog and pacifiers are the first things to go once he wakes up, he chucks them across the room.
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  • A blanket, 2-3 stuffed animals and about 5 pacifiers.


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  • We first gave him his favorite stuffed animal after he turned a year. Now, he has about a handful of stuffed animals in there. 

    He does not sleep with a blanket because he is all over the place when he sleeps so it would serve no purpose anyway. No pillow either for the same reason. Sometimes he just sleeps against one of his toys. Lol 

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  • A little security blanket since 9 months or so and a stuffed animal since he turned one.
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  • She has had  small blanket and small teddy bear since 8 months old.  I added a crocheted blanket at 12 months because it was so cold at MILs and I didn't think her sleep sack was enough.  Now she sleeps without the sleep sack because she keeps the blanket on at night.
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  • Since they've been standing we stopped using the sleep sacks and now use a crocheted blanket that I cover them with once they fall asleep.  I also put in there a little minnie stuffed animal and lovey blanket they snuggle with.
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  • We have nothing in the crib and never have.  I have no particular problem with putting things in there, I guess DS has just never really expressed a need to a stuffed animal or blanket. 

    He flops all over like a madman when he's sleeping, so a pillow or blanket would just get tangled. And he's never showed any preference to any stuffed animals. 

    For those that have something in the crib, does LO play with it or seem to be soothed by it?

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  • DD always had a blanket. When she was wee little she was swaddled and didn't roll and I wasn't worried about putting a blanket over her. I was actually told to by my MW too. She had troubles keeping warm. It was tucked in and below her shoulders. When we unswaddled we just kept using the blanket, plus a sleep sack when it turned cold again because she would kick the blanket off and didn't know how to pull it back up. She had a sleep sheep we didn't put in her crib until she could roll and had good control of her head - 3months?. Probably by 9-12 months she had an assortment of stuffies in there.


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  • From about 8 months to 14 months, DD slept in a sleep sack and had a stuffed giraffe (well really one of those small blankets with a giraffe head).  At 14 months we added a knit blanket but kept the sleep sack as she doesn't seem to stay under the blanket.   She's now 20 months.  

    I'm sure she is safe with more things in the crib but once I let her take one of her baby dolls to bed and at three in the morning she was up playing with it trying to feed it....

  • My 13 month old sleeps with a knit blanket and a stuffed dolphin. There's a shelf by her crib that has stuffed animals on it and sometimes she'll pull extra animals into her bed with her. I don't worry about it at all. My 3 year old sleeps with so many things you can hardly find her in the bed some nights.
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  • We did not start putting anything into the crib until DS was 12 months.  He has also been above average in the height / weight department as well as had very good control of his body, so we were confident that a stuffed animal and 2 blankets would be ok for him.

    I have a friend on the other hand whose daughter was a premie, and has always been under the growing curve, etc.  At 19 months, her DD still does not have anything in her crib and sleeps in a sleep sack because she does not feel it's safe yet to put anything in her crib (and I agree with her).  I guess every child might be different.  

  • We have had her FP seahorse in her crib since she has slept in there (4 months old). I started putting a couple of stuffed animals in there around 9 months or so and I started putting a blanket in there at about one year old.
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  • His lovey, a blanket, 2 stuffed animals, a book, a small toy car he loves.

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