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Need diaper rash/diarrhea remedies STAT!

Starting last night he has had some serious diarrhea.  Today he has a full blown, angry, red diaper rash.   I have been using warm wash cloths instead of wipes and I change his diaper the second I notice it is dirty.

I have a ton of butt creams, but I always just use Vaseline and he has never had a rash before.  What should I be putting on his bottom between diaper changes?  What should I be feeding him to help with the diarrhea?  What should I put in the bath water to soothe his poor little bum?  I know I should let him roam around naked so he can air dry his bottom, but his diarrhea is almost pure liquid so I am not brave enough to let him crawl around.

He drank about 20 oz of Pedialyte today and I am counting his wet diapers to make sure he doesn't get dehydrated.



Re: Need diaper rash/diarrhea remedies STAT!

  • Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast will help with the diarhea. Try to give some diaper free time? Maybe a bath would be good. We haven't had rash issues so I don't know what would work best
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  • Lots of diaper free time and Butt Paste have been my go to.  Both my DS and DD have had bad diaper rashes, and I tried lots of different diaper creams before I found Butt Paste.  It definitely worked the best for us.

    Also, bananas, rice, apples and toast (BRAT) are good foods for someone with GI issues.  Try to stay away from dairy and eggs.  Definitely keep him hydrated, but it sounds like you have that covered.   

    Good luck!  We just went through some stomach issues!  

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  • Emily had a horriable diaper rash to the point of blisters after the stomach bug/diarrhea, that is when I called in SIL for help.

    This is what she told me to do and it worked right away. I first put her in the sink with warm water and baking soda.

    Then I couldnt do diaper free time because of the diarrhea, so we put tons of butt cream on her and covered that in baby powder. The baby powder soaked up the pee and the diaper cream kept the barrier from allowing any poop/pee from burning the rash. Repeat this at each diaper change.

    The hard part was trying not to rub the rash when cleaning up poop.

    The rash was much better within a day and gone after 2.

    hope you find something that helps.


  • We are having the same issues over here.  A's diaper rash didn't start until this afternoon but I didn't think to put anything on it until tonight.  I'm using butt paste.  Everytime she's had redness in the past, that clears it up within a day, so I'm hoping it will help.  I might try Spark's method tomorrow if I don't seem improvement.

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  • Triple paste works the best for us, which figures since it's expensive. 
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  • Just experienced the same sort of situation in the last week, and with every diaper change, I alternated Aquaphor and A&D Diaper cream...and lots of it.  It seemed to really help, along with the warm, wet cloths.
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  • I have this little tip stored in the back of my mind for when I need it.  It was shared here by a bumpie a while back and other bumpies have used it with great results.

    During every diaper change, after you have gently wiped the area, blow his tush with a hairdryer set on warm (It's the quick version of giving "air time").

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  • This is a MIRACLE diaper rash cream. It will also last you forever. My lo has a dairy intolerance/sensitivity. Before we knew about it, she got an awful hot, red rash from the front all the way to the back of her bottom(bc I consumed dairy.) This stuff worked miracles. Seriously.



    Hope you little one starts to feel better. I'm sure he's just miserable. :-(  

  • The first recipe is what I used- the Diaper Rash Cream Recipe
  • Mix some maalox with the triple paste, will help neutralize the diarrhea.  Also agreed with the blow dryer on low after the bath, and as huch time to air out diaper free as possible.
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  • image michellekay06:
    Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast will help with the diarhea. Try to give some diaper free time? Maybe a bath would be good. We haven't had rash issues so I don't know what would work best

    This for the diarrhea.  For diaper rash I do a warm bath then some vaseline and let him just hang out.  Desitin only prevents, doesn't get rid of.  Then when he goes to bed I slather him in desitin so it doesn't get worse over night.  One time I tried lotrimin (athletes foot creme) per the peds recommendation and it worked SO fast.  Good luck!!

  • Food, give him a day, and then I recommend BRAT too. Otherwise, offer pedialyte as much as you can.

    For treatment, the key is barrier! I like aveeno diaper rash ointment. If he has a rash, I put that then Vaseline then powder. It sounds extreme but it tends to work. If it persists for days though, it may not just be rash, it may be yeast...which is what I'm dealing with at the moment. For that, you need an anti fungal. I'm using lotrimin af for it.

    Hope he gets better soon!

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  • image Shmogan09:
    One time I tried lotrimin (athletes foot creme) per the peds recommendation and it worked SO fast.  Good luck!!

    If you're cheap like me, the generic versions of Lotramin work just as well.  I got a 3 pack on Amazon for about $5 (which was nice because Olivia gets yeast infections often so one stayed home, one went to daycare, and one went to my mom's).  Our pediatrician said to put on a coat of Lotramin and cover it with Triple Paste but I am never able to do that well.  The Triple Paste is thick and the Lotramin is slippery so I feel like the Triple Paste just rubs off the Lotramin.

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