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Pap smear

Hello! So this is my first pregnancy and we are super excited. We went to doctor Friday and we got to hear heart was so cool! Doctor says I am due September 13 . I also had a Pap smear done and now I am lightly bleeding. It's been about a day and a half that I have been bleeding. I am just spotting though. Doctor told me this could happen but it still worries me. Anyone else experienced this before??

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  • Your cervix is extremely sensitive during pregnancy, it's very normal. If you are concerned, call your dr tomorrow, if they are open.
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  • I had the tiniest bit of spotting after my first u/s but I am assuming it was from the u/s as it has stopped since then. I am sure it is just from your pap. GL


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    BETA #1-16 (8/30/12) BETA #2-486 (9/6/12)
    9/27- First u/s, baby measuring 2 weeks behind with a heart rate half of what it should be. u/s # 2- 10/8/12- No heartbeat, baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. Heartbroken.
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  • I'm due then too! I also have got to hear the heartbeat. what was your heart rate?
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  • Heart rate was 121 . What was it for you??
  • I had some super light spotting after my pap, but it only lasted a day. I wouldn't be worried unless the bleeding picks up.
  • Mine was 100 but it was at 5 w 6 d so they said that wasnt bad since the heart had just started beating within those last couple days. I heard it increases every 48 hours, and i definately feel more pregnant now than i did then.
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  • That's awesome!! Congrats. Can't wait to hear how your pregnancy goes since we have same due date.
  • image janemarilyn87:
    That's awesome!! Congrats. Can't wait to hear how your pregnancy goes since we have same due date.


    likewise :) keep me updated on the little bean  

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  • It's normal. I was warned I may have some spotting after the PAP as well. By the way-most painful PAP smear of my life. I guess it's because the cervix is more sensitive and vascular during pregnancy but good grief! 


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