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Not doing sh!t check in

I'm feeling alone.  Please come in if you aren't buying anything until after your shower and aren't setting up a nursery until after the baby is born.


I don't need anything crowding up my life right now

Re: Not doing sh!t check in

  • I suppose I can relate to this...at least more so than all the other mammas to be who are already nesting! I envy it....but were in between staying at my moms and buying a home. Not sure if we will have the house before bambino arrives...kind of depressing having to settle for a temporary nursery. Our original plan has been pushed back and now...were just kind of in limbo! We won't be buying the majority of our stuff until after the shower...and right now, a nursery is just a far off fantasy.
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  • I don't know if I count... I'm team green with 2 under 15 months : I'm not buying a thing :P
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  • I am not buying anything until after my shower!  We are in seriously saving mode as we are either buying a house or moving!  So don't really want extra stuff around if we are moving and can't afford any stuff right now!  Truly hoping everything I need is bought through my registry!


    Also not setting up a nursery due to the same situation - we are either going to move to another city and rent or we are going to buy a house here but we aren't sure yet! 

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  • I can't do anything yet...we're moving to my husband's family lake house north of Atlanta from Miami next week, but we'll only be there for a month...so, it'll be mid/late March before we do anything.


  • I think this is smart! I lived in a one bedroom until DD was one, then we bought a house and set up a room for her. When I see nursuries I think they look like a waste of time! Everytime I thought I needed something I would try to wait and often the "need" would go away withen two weeks. I'm trying to do the same with 2.
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    I think this is smart! I lived in a one bedroom until DD was one, then we bought a house and set up a room for her. When I see nursuries I think they look like a waste of time! Everytime I thought I needed something I would try to wait and often the "need" would go away withen two weeks. I'm trying to do the same with 2.

    Yeah I figure with the wonders of Amazon Prime I'll have a month to stock up after the shower on anything I think I will need and we've always planned on having Gizmo in our room until we move in the fall.  I like looking at nurseries and all but reading some posts makes me feel inadequate.

  • I'm half with y'all. I haven't done sh!t yet, but I hope I get  motivated at some point. This is baby #1 and I will be having a shower so I'm not buying anything until after that. I would love to start painting what will be the baby's room. Actually, I would love to paint several rooms in our house. We have lived here over a year and have only painted one bathroom and I'm getting tired on "on the market neutral" walls everywhere. Maybe after the a/s next Monday I'll check out paint colors, although we are staying pretty neutral either way.
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  • ::joining the not doing shiit club::

    I haven't bought anything yet & won't until after the shower. The few things I do have were gifts from Christmas. I don't have a nursery room, so that solves that issue. I'll probably only have an Arm's Reach co-sleeper for awhile next to my bed. Needless to say, that doesn't require fancy bedding...so here I sit...without anything to do or "plan" as far as shopping & decorating goes.


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  • I haven't done anything yet, and I don't plan on it until we have more space. We are planning on moving before the baby is born. We have the house. We are just going to remodel over the next few months. We have no space for anything extra in our current home. It's tiny and maxed out already with our stuff. We have also told our parents anything they buy for the baby, they have to keep in their homes until after we move. So, I'm right there with you.
  • I haven't bought anything yet. I do have a private wish list started on Amazon that has been extremely helpful for organizing my ideas for baby gear, and will eventually become my registry. Right now, I'm just doing research and waiting until our a/s on February 5.
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  • If a/s says boy we might buy some clothes, but other than NB diapers I don't plan on buying anything and really don't want to take things out of storage yet.
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  • LOL. DH and I were setting up some new gates to block the stairs for DD1 today, and I was thinking, "I can't possibly think about 'getting ready" for #2 when I still haven't finished 'getting ready' for #1....and she's 16 months old!" 
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  • Another member of the NDS club. We painted the room over Christmas, but that's it so far. Haven't even looked online for anything other than a crib, and we certainly aren't set on that yet.
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  • I'm a STM but I didn't buy anything until after my shower for DD. We were moving before she was born and we didn't have anywhere to store anything in our 600 sq ft apt at the time. But even if we did I wouldn't have bought anything anyway.

    Well probably be moving again when this new babe is around 3 months old. Hopefully buying a house this time. So I'm most likely not buying anything, furniture or otherwise, until we move for good.

    You're not alone!!


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  • image MeghanKG:
    The "nursery" is currently an empty spare bedroom filled with sh!t we don't know what to do with, and I don't see me organizing it anytime soon.

     This exactly. The crap has been there since we moved here in July and I don't see it going anywhere in the near future. 

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  • I haven't done anything yet either. We won't have a nursery one bedroom! and need to either replace or have a deep clean of our icky carpet, and paint... Not to mention there are three pipes below our kitchen sink that are leaking... and a new disposal... And FINALLY! we are putting whatever diaper changing apparatus in the walk in shower in our second bathroom, so need to take the glass doors off. Man! I'm exhausted just listing everything!!

    Anyone have an opinion about wood floors versus a carpet in the bedroom? We are indecisive.

  • Pick me! My husband and I don't find out where we will be living for the next 3-4 years until mid-March (residency match day) so obviously we not only have no nursery yet but no room to store stuff in our little apartment now even if we wanted to start buying stuff! 

    Our plan will be to figure out living arrangements in March, shower in April, move in May, and baby in June. Yay for summer chaos!  

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  • You're not alone.  With our first, I didn't buy anything really (except a few onesies and the travel system, which was a gift from my grandma), and DH had a small shower at work.  He set everything up while I was at the hospital (at least that's what I remember).  This time around, we really don't need too much, but I am buying up our newborn and some extra OS cloth diapers as I go, just to spread the expense out. We didn't cloth diaper the others as newborns.

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  • We dont know what we are having and dont plan on buying anything for a nursery until after its born. We dont want green or yellow so we are waiting. Finishing a remodel and doing research on the best things to buy and deciding on names  are what we are doing until after the shower. 

  • Beer

    Baby will room with us in the beginning and we are moving in November so I'm not even buying a crib until we move and not decorating a nursery.

    The only thing I need to buy is a Rock N Play for baby to sleep in and if it's a girl, some clothes but I have enough gender neutral stuff to get me from NB- 3months. So I probably won't even shop for awhile.

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  • Still not doing shiiit. We haven't even discussed names.
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  • I'm not doing anything until April at the earliest. Although, I doubt anything will really be done until the baby is already here. My sister and her H are taking the queen sized bed in our guest room that will be the baby's room, and she'll probably want to visit when the baby is born and need something to sleep on. So yeh. Not doing sh!t over here.
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  • I'm not having a shower or buying much at all because I have most everything already.  What we di have is in the basement... somewhere.  Half the time I forget I'm even pregnant, not just sick. I'm truly not doing sh!t.

    We won't set up a nursery because baby will be in our room. 

    We will buy a few things eventually, but I'm not in a hurry.

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  • Add me to the list.  DD was in our room until she was about 13 mo.  I don't see the point of doing a nursery when it will just be a pretty storage spot.  Plus, I am thinking that by the time baby #2 is ready to move out of our room, DD1 will be done with her crib.  Perhaps we won't need to buy a 2nd crib.
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