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Am I being dramatic?

I work at Old Navy, and they wanted me to restock the jeans on the jean wall.  Normally this wouldn't be a problem for me, but the jeans are stored up above and you have to use the ladder to get them.  I don't know if it's just me, but I do not feel comfortable standing at the top of a ladder, with a pile of jeans in my hands at 31 weeks pregnant, then trying to climb down the ladder still holding the jeans.  I can barely keep my balance when I'm on the ground, I definitely don't trust myself at the top of a ladder. I couldn't even balance on the scale at the doctors office lol.   I told them I didn't feel comfortable doing it.  I know if I would have done it and fallen and hurt the baby I never would have forgave myself! Do you think I'm being too protective/dramatic or was this a legit concern?  I felt like everyone was judging me and things I'm a worry wart now. 
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Re: Am I being dramatic?

  • Legit concern - definitely.  DH got annoyed with me today for standing on a 2 foot stepladder to put up decals in the nursery!  I wouldn't even consider climbing a regular ladder right now, but I tend to be very clumsy. :-)
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  • If you didn't feel comfortable than you did the right thing. You know what you can handle better than anyone else. I don't even go on a little step ladder any more just in case bc it's better to be safe than sorry. 
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  • For some women, like me, climbing a ladder probably wouldn't have been a big deal. With that said, all women are different and have different comfort levels. You had a legit concern and you did whatever necessary to ensure your safety, and most importantly your baby's safety. Ignore anyone that you think may have side eyed you!
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  • They shouldn't have asked you to even do it.  If you get hurt, they could be in some serious hot water.

  • You are not being dramatic at all.  I would have done the same thing.  I'm surprised they even asked you to do this.
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  • Not being dramatic at all.  I would have said  no myself in that situation. 
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  • I Would have been comfortable doing it, but annoyed they would have expected me to do it.

    You know your limitations.
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  • I used to work retail at J Crew and there is no way I would have restocked anything that I could not reach while standing. Standing on a ladder this pregnant is a no-no. You did the right thing.
  • I definitely would have politely said I don't feel comfortable doing that.
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  • I agree with all of the PPs who said you did the right thing if you didn't feel comfortable going up the ladder.

    I'm not a huge fan of heights but have never had a problem standing on chairs or small stepladders to get a little higher if necessary. I wouldn't consider even going on a stepladder at this stage. You never know what could happen (especially with us not having the best balance this far along) and, if you fell, you surely would regret your decision. I have to stand on a chair to reach some cupboards in our kitchen and even that is something that I will rarely do now. It's just not worth it.

    Don't let them make you feel bad. You made the right decision. If they can't understand that, it's their problem.

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  • I'm 31 weeks also and I've definitely noticed how much harder it is to keep my balance.  I'll stand on step stools but nothing higher.  I even managed to fall off a 1-foot high step stool while painting trim in the nursery.  I don't think you are being overly dramatic.  I'm shocked they would even ask you! 
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  • Definitely not dramatic. I've fallen down stairs twice in the last couple weeks carrying things, and those are just stairs! Our bodies' center of balance is shifted forward so much right now. They shouldn't even have asked you to do that.
  • I would absolutely not do it. 
  • Yup whomever asked you to so this is not very smart. Do not attempt nor feel bad for not doing as told, in any capacity. My office recently completed renovations which included painting all walls and I would not work until I talked to the construction manager to hear from him that the paint they were using was safe. I made quite a ruckus and refused to attend an important meeting which put me in a bad light with a certain superior but at the end of the day everyone understood and I gained a new respect only assertiveness and putting your foot down can achieve. No ladders!
  • Not dramatic at all! I would not have done it either and I wouldn't feel bad refusing.
  • I think only you know your body.  Feeling off balance is very common in pregnancy- especially towards the end when your center of gravity is so thrown off.  With my son I worked in retail and unloaded trucks, moved fixtures, and climbed the 10 foot stockroom ladder daily but it's because I still felt comfortable doing it.
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  • I wouldn't have done it either, and I agree with PP's who said that you shouldn't have been asked to do it.  Definitely think it's possible to still be very active during late pregnancy and do a lot of things but scaling ladders with your hands full isn't a good idea.
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