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Need help with our 2nd girl.

We have a daughter named Thea Kate. Our list right now is








What do you think? We're a little stuck on middle names too so could you give me input there? Thanks!

Re: Need help with our 2nd girl.

  • I love your DD's name!


    Felicity  - Cute, like it with the sibset. My favorite from your list.

    Clara - pretty name. Second favorite on your list.

    Emmaline - eh, don't like this one.

    Beatrice - I think it pulls the sibset 'old' not 'cute & spunky'

    Nora - not a fan

    Delilah - no real opinion on it. don't dislike it, but I'm not drawn to it.

    Hadley - I have an irrational fiery hate for this girl's name. 


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  • Felicity - like

    Clara - it's ok

    Emmaline - it's ok

    Beatrice - like

    Nora - love

    Delilah - dislike

    Hadley - dislike very much

    Lilypie - (KNqh)
  • Felicity is the best IMO. 
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  • Felicity and Emmaline are my favorites. 

    Clara, Beatrice, Nora, and Delilah are all nice and perfectly good names too.

    Really really dislike Hadley. Especially compared to the rest of your list.  

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  • I like Felicity and Beatrice with Thea.

    Nora and Clara are also pretty, but maybe a bit too similar to Thea.

    Emmaline and Delilah are fine. The huge popularity of Emma and the trendiness of Delilah (thanks to that song) put me off a bit, but they're fine (though I do prefer Emmeline).

    I agree with everyone that Hadley is the bottom of this list.

  • Love Felicity, Delilah, and Beatrice.

    I think one syllable mn's would be best: June, Jane, Mae, Anne

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  • Felicity - Love it!  This was on my list if this LO is another girl.

    Clara - eh, ok

    Emmaline - This one is just ok in my book too

    Beatrice - Not a fan

    Nora - Seems to be gaining popularity and it's just ok

    Delilah - This is DD #1's name so naturally my favorite

    Hadley - I like it for a little girl, but don't feel like it will age as well

    For the longer (3+ syllable names) though I think a short (1 syllable) MN would be best since they tend to be longer.  Some ideas June, Claire, Jane, Grace, Rose, Mae.  FOr Nora and Hadley I like Elizabeth as a middle name.

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  • I would also avoid Hadley!  The rest sond nice with Kate.
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  • The only one i like is felicity


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  • Felicity  - Not really my style, but a very pretty and underused name. Cute with your DD.

    Clara - Love this. Stunning with Thea!

    Emmaline - Also very pretty! Love it!

    Beatrice - This one is a little too old lady for my taste, but it's a perfectly fine name.

    Nora - Very pretty!

    Delilah - It sounds pretty, I just can only think of "Hey there, Delilah" and the Delilah from the Bible who was not someone to be named after! 

    Hadley - This one sticks out like a sore thumb from the other pretty names on your list. It's not feminine and it's trendy.


  • I love Felicity (but DS vetoed it), and really like Beatrice and Clara. 
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  • I really like Beatrice with your DD's name. I think the rest of the names are nice, as well, but Beatrice is my favorite.


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  • I reaaaaally love your DDs name. IMO, Beatrice, nn Bea would be cute or Clara. But I like your DDs name more than the others on your list.
  • Felicity: pretty, but makes me think of the TV show

    Clara: okay, but not my style

    Emmaline: pretty, my favorite from your list

    Beatrice: makes me think of old people, but that might just be because I only know old people with that name

    Nora: okay, but not my style

    Delilah: eh, makes me think of Delilah and Sampson

    Hadley: I absolutely hate this name. It sounds made up, ugly, and masculine to me, and I will never understand why it's suddenly so trendy.
  • image CMSAV:
    I reaaaaally love your DDs name. IMO, Beatrice, nn Bea would be cute or Clara. But I like your DDs name more than the others on your list.

    I like her name the best too that's why it got used first ;) Thank you though, I appreciate the compliments.



  • Thank you for all the input and suggestions! 

     I see that Felicity is a favorite and Hadley is a no-go to most of you. The more I think about it, the more I think Nora and Clara should be bumped off the list. I have always loved the name Nora but I just can't see having a little Nora running around with our Thea. It just doesn't fit. I feel the same way about the name Clara too but it's still such a nice name I don't know if I can let it go. 

    We'll see I guess! 

  • I love Beatrice!  Clara is also pretty.

    Clara Elizabeth or Clara Mae

    Beatrice Ann or Beatrice Claire 

  • I love Delilah. Felicity is cute too.

  • Felicity - Love it!

    Clara - Love it!

    Emmaline - I prefer Emmeline.

    Beatrice - Love it!

    Nora - Love it!

    Delilah - Love it, but not paired with Thea.

    Hadley - Like it, but not paired with Thea.

    Great list, OP! :)

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  • I like most of your list!  Love Felicity, Clara, and Delilah.  I also like Nora.  Not a fan of just sounds a little more trendy.  I think Felicity is probably my favorite on your list.
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  • I like Nora the best. Clara would be my second choice.
  • Felicity - Like this one, it is classic

    Clara- very pretty and gentle

    Emmaline- not a huge fan.  I have a hard time saying it without a twang!

    Beatrice - Beautiful

    Nora- Dont like this one at all

    Delilah- This is just okay.  In my opinion, it is not nearly as beautiful as others

    Hadley - very pretty but I think it is gaining popularity

  • I love Thea Kate!

    From your list I really love Felicity, then Clara. Emmaline would be my next choice, though I prefer it spelled Emmeline.

    Beatrice, Nora and Delilah are all nice, but nms. I dislike Hadley, and it feels a little out of place to me among your other names. 

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  • image AllisonKate1311:

    We have a daughter named Thea Kate. Our list right now is

    Felicity - meh

    Clara - LOVE. 

    Emmaline - like

    Beatrice - NMS

    Nora - Love. DD is Norah Jane 

    Delilah - like

    Hadley - like 

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