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I'm freaking out..... man!!! (BFP)

Holy crap, I'm freaking out!  This is mine and my husbands first BFP!  This is our 4th cycle/4th month trying.  I tested this morning at 11DPO and got two beautiful lines on a wonfo and a FRER!  :)

 Timing: O-3, O-2, O-1

What I did: PNVs, temping, OPKs, tried drinking lots of green tea before O and we used pre-seed.

Symptoms: None that aren't typical for pre-AF, sore boobies, and little un-easy feeling like trying to feel nauseated, but not really nauseated.. it's weird.

I knew I was going to test this morning, so I tossed and turned all night last night.  I kept having dreams I was testing, some of them were positive and some were negative, it was weird and annoying.  lol

FF says the EDD is October 1st

How I told DH:  I walked in the bedroom and grabbed the book I bought for him, and he was just like.... "neat..."  haha  and then I smiled really big and he finally got it and said, "Oh my God!  Are you....!?   Are you really pregnant!!???!"  And we hugged and cried and prayed and freaked out.  It was really sweet.

My sister and nephew are visiting, so this morning during breakfast I told her.  I said, "Hey, guess what me and hubs made?!" After asking 'what?' I told her, "We made a cousin for our nephew!!"  And she's really excited for us too :)

We're trying to figure out how/when to tell our parents, and then won't tell the rest of the family until after the first appointment.

I just wanted to thank everyone here for all the awesome love and info I've gotten here.  I've learned so much, and realized I really didn't have a clue before coming here.  I've really enjoyed the snark and the drama, it's helped me get through a lot of boring work days.  I'll definitely be lurking to keep up with the funnies :)

Oh yeah, here's my stick pic :)

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Re: I'm freaking out..... man!!! (BFP)

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