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Guess who else is!

I got my 3rd bfp today at 11dpo. I am torn between being excited and freaking out. It was our 6th cycle total, but I had losses on cycles 2 & 3.  They were early and we didn't tta after any of them.

I tested this morning with a wondfo and thought I saw a line, but I think I've been seeing lines the last few days so I didn't really think it was positve.  I checked again fifteen minutes later (I know it was after the time limit) and it was faint, but clearly there.   So I walked out into the kitchen and told me husband 'I think I got a positive pregnancy test.'  I held my pee and tested again with a frer an hour later and the second line was there.  It's faint, but there. 

We hit o-3,o-2,o-1, and o.

I temped, used opks, took pnvs, we had sex a lot, and I drank pom juice and lots of water.

I've had cramps (Still do) and backaches pretty much the whole 2ww.  

Actually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights I had dreams relating to being pregnant.

I'm taking progesterone right now (100mg vaginally once a day). and will keep doing that.   My doctor wanted me to call right away when I got a bfp.  I'ts the weekend though.  I can call and leave a message or talk to the on-call doctor.  Is that something I should do?  Or should I just leave a message. 

I'm not leaving here yet.  My losses were both around 4wks and I'm scared it will happen again.  My husband wants me to be positive, and I want to be, but it's really tough to be. 

Due date is October 1st. 

update:  I called the on-call doctor.  She said being the weekend it would be hard to find a place to take lab work (hcg and progesterone levels) and to call Monday morning.  I'm okay with that, and do feel a little better having called. 

R&K married 4.15.11. TTC #1 since 7.11.12

BFP #1 9.9.12 EDD 5.21.13 c/p 9.12.12 at 4 weeks 1 day

BFP #2 10.15.12 EDD 6.28.13 c/p 10.19.12 at  4 weeks.

BFP #3 1.19.13 EDD 10.1.13 Eleanor born 10.7.13 at 40 weeks 6 days

13dpo hcg@32, progesterone@13.7, 15dpo hcg@110, 16dpo progesterone@25.9

My blog:Urban Times in Michigan ~ My Bfp Chart

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