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last hair appt

I'm at my last hair appt before baby comes! So weird! Got my toes done a couple days ago, so I'll be ready now! Let the waiting game begin!

What are you ladies planning on doing beauty wise before baby?


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Re: last hair appt

  • I can't afford to go somewhere and have it done, but my toes are desperately in need of attention, lol. I got a pedicure (first one ever) back at the beginning of December, and there's only small chips of color left on there now. I tried to get the rest off the other night, which took a lot of contorting and huffing and puffing, and I still didn't, lol.

    Maybe I can con my sister into doing them tonight before she goes out since I'm going over to babysit for the night.

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  • I got a pedi last week, it was so relaxing. I did go get my hair done but it was a total bust, I hate the way it turned out so I'm glad I will be cooped up inside for a few weeks so it can grow out.



  • I got my hair cut a few days ago and I plan to dye it today. My toes are also desperate for some attention. If I can't sweet talk DH into painting them for me, I'll go get a pedicure soon. 
  • I have am getting my hair and toes done on Wednesday and Saturday I have a prenatal massage. I can't wait:
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  • It's funny that everyone mentions their toes... I love pedicures but definitely don't get them a lot. Being pregnant though, I've gotten a bunch! There's NO hope of me reaching my feet now!


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  • image hnhoffman:
    I have am getting my hair and toes done on Wednesday and Saturday I have a prenatal massage. I can't wait:

    I scheduled my next massage for next Friday! I wish I could keep up this pampering routine after baby! I have a feeling money won't be as available on one income and buying baby stuff lol. Might have to wait until I go back to work in September!


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  • I'm way too poor for getting anything done but my bosses daughter is a cosmetologist and works at a pretty up scale salon in town and is going to cut and color my hair at cost for me. I'm so grateful/excited. I literally haven't had my hair "done" somewhere since senior prom almost 7 years ago.
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  • My due date's the 27th and I'm going to get a final mani/pedi the 25th! I'm super excited!
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  • Get dressed, lol! That's about as long as I can handle being vertical without having a lot of contrax.
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  • I got a haircut last week and next week I plan on getting a mani/pedi and prenatal massage.
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  • Pushing out my last color and cut to the 39 week mark. I typically do mani/pedis every 2 but I am actually planning to go and get the color OFF my nails this weekend and go au natural for a while I do the gel polish which lasts 2 weeks but after that it looks like hell and you I can't get it off at home. I am sure I won't be able to get to the nail salon in the first month so I need them low maintenance! Also need to fit in a brow appointment in the next week or two.


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  • I have my hair appt booked for Tuesday, and I CAN'T WAIT!
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  • I had my hair done this week (went a little darker/with more lowlights so the regrowth wouldn't be as noticeable since I don't know when I'll be able to get in again), have another prenatal massage next week and would like to get a pedicure. I also just went and got my eyes checked and new contacts because I was completely out. That about does it! 
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