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Baby Kyle arrived yesterday-ahead of schedule :)

So yesterday morning I woke up at about 7am feeling like i had wet the bed...well after cleaning myself up it just kept coming and coming...so I called the dr's office and was told to just head to the hospital if i thought my water had broken...so I made it L&D around 10am and was checked- no evidence of fluid so i had to hang around for a while and walk to halls and everything...once i got back to my room and sat on the bed i had a HUGE gush of fluid and thats when they decided they could admit me and schedule my c/s...so it was decided we'd go in at 6:30 (this was about 2pm) well about an hour later my doc came in and talked to me and decided we could go in at 4pm and get everything going...Sooo....4:00 we roll into the OR and i got my spinal and my son Kyle Xavier entered the world at 4:32 pm!!! Him and daddy left the OR and i went into recovery til around 7 and then got to come out and meet our newest addition...Baby Kyle!!! He is wonderful and amazing and perfect!!! He is 9lbs 6oz and 21 inches long...and he is BFing like a CHAMP!!!! :)) The only issue he has been having is with keeping his glucose levels up but now that they are getting stabilized they are weaning him off his IV and the doc said he should be ok to go home tomorrow!!! I had all 3 of my boys in the same room for the 1st time today...it was ADORABLE <3 They are the loves of my life <3 Mommy loves You- David, Brandon and Kyle <3
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Re: Baby Kyle arrived yesterday-ahead of schedule :)

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