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He's waking up at 5am. Every. Day. Help.

How do I put a stop to this? For about a month now he's been waking up between 5 and 5:30 am. We are morning people and all, but this is just ridiculous. He wakes up screaming and wants out of his crib immediately. We've let him cry for up to 30 minutes, but he hasn't once gone back to sleep. 

Currently, he's STTN and he goes to bed around 7-7:15. Is there any hope for us? Please tell me this is just a phase!!



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Re: He's waking up at 5am. Every. Day. Help.

  • Can you feed him ( in the dark) and put him right back to bed?


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  • Maybe try putting him to be a little later? My lo goes to bed at 8-8:30pm, and wakes up the earliest at 6 but more like 7-7:15am..
  • I have no advice, but feel your pain.  DS has been up at 5/5:30 every night since he started STTN a while ago.  It's definitely been an adjustment for me.  There have been a few times that if I give him a bottle he will fall back to sleep for maybe an hour.  Good Luck!

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  • Cici does this too and she doesn't go to bed until 8 or 830. If we let her cry she screams until we come get her. I let her cry for an hour once. If we put her in bed with us and give her paci or a sippy cup of milk she usually goes back to sleep for an hour or two
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  • image heymommy:
    Can you feed him in the dark and put him right back to bed?nbsp;

    This is what we do and then she wakes up for the day btwn 78.

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  • Does he still seem tired?
  • Have you tried putting some crib safe toys in with him?
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  • Yes, he is still tired but just refuses to go back to sleep. He'll have his head resting on the crib rail while he screams for us. Once we go in, he puts his arms up and settles down once we pick him up. 

    This morning, he was up at 4:30. FML. We went in, fed him and put him back in the crib sleepy. No dice. Screaming ensued. We let him go for 45 minutes and he wouldn't settle down.

    Finally I brought him into our bed and he fell asleep within a few minutes. He stayed that way for 2 more glorious hours.   I feel like maybe we just have an early riser on our hands...but 4:30 is just unacceptable! 


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  • I hate the early wake ups. We usually don't go in until 6:30 but they'll start stirring around 5 and having kids has turned me into a ridiculously light sleeper so their little noises wake me up. When Natalia wakes up she starts crying right away, though usually she'll go back to sleep in about 5-10 minutes. I hate getting woken up like that. I know we're lucky that they don't need us to go in but I haven't had an uninterrupted night of sleep in so long!
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  • Emily wakes up at 515 on the dot every single morning. I have tried feeding her and letting her cry didnt work she cried for an hour, I tried putting her to bed later didnt work either, I tried putting her in bed with me that didnt work either (she has never slept in my bed) nothing seems to work...so I just accepted that I will be up at 5am everyday. Somedays its 430 and I want to wake up crying right along with her. Not to mention she doesnt STTN yet.

    I feel your pain.


  • Have you tried putting him to bed earlier?  Counterinterutive, I know... but everything I've read said that if you put them to bed ealier, they sleep later.  It worked with DD.


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