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38 weeks/4days and getting so anxious!!!

Anyone else due Jan 29? During my last check up I hadn't made any progress, but my mother's births were always under two hours and super fast! So I'm going crazy waiting for any signsI'm just so excited to meet our little guy. : crossing fingers he'll come in 10 days!

Re: 38 weeks/4days and getting so anxious!!!

  • I am due the 29th. I'm technically in early labor with consistent contractions every 15 min, since Wednesday. But I'm told it could go for days
  • I'm due the 29th and have never been so anxious! Im constantly looking for the bloody show or any signs of my water breaking. Went to the doctor yesterday and found out that I'm 1cm dilated and my cervix is really soft. I almost went to the hospital 2 days ago after having contractions for about 3 hrs but decided to stay home when everything suddenly calmed down. Ughhhh I'm tired of playing the waiting game....
  • I'm due the 29th and cuz of a recent condition, I have too much fluid in my uterus. I'm measuring as if I'm 45 weeks pregnant, and I might need a medical induction. Really hoping baby comes soon!
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  • I am due the 28th and feeling so anxious. Went to the doctor yesterday and I was 2 cm and 70% effaced. She decided to sweep my membranes without asking (weird) and I was spotting and cramping all day long. Nada today. Blah, I have been in "early labor" F-O-R-E-V-E-R and so over it. 
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  • Due the 28th.  At my appt last week, I was 2cm already and my OB was kind of surprised.  Not sure if it really got my hopes up, but I've definitely been on alert for signs of labor (to be honest, I was surprised I was at 2cm because I didn't think I'd had any contractions other than BHs).  I'm kind of hoping for a January baby, though.  Between our two families, DH and I have 6 birthdays in February.  Nobody is in January.  So I kind of have my fingers crossed that she decided to come before January is up.
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  • Due the 29th but because of GD being induced on the 23rd if I don't go before then. 2.5-3cm dilation and 50% effacement at yesterday's appointment. Can't decide if I want the membrane sweep or not.
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  • O man! I feel behind after hearing about all the progress you ladies have made, : here's to hoping our LOs come sooner rather than later eh?
  • I'm due the 30th and I'm going crazy. I'm dialated 3cm and half effaced makes me hope hell be here sooner! Good luck everyone! 
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