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Although I don't have twins or tripplets I do have 3 kids under 3. And I am in search for the right triple stroller. I have been researching and I feel like the only one that would be worth a darn is the Peg Perego Triple which is the most expensive of course. I found a Joovy Sit and Stand tripple used near me for $100 I wanted to snatch it up. But my husband thinks he won't turn easily with all kids in it. I argued that there probably isn't a tripple stroller out there where its easy to turn with all 3 kids in it....or is there? I did find the coolest triple stroller but it only sells in Australia and is $1500.

Please let me know if you own a triple, what brand and how easy is it to push and turn with all kids in it? I am planning a lot of outdoor trips for the near future and need a triple stroller.


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  • I have a triple Runabout stroller and LOVE it. I don't think I would have been able to live with out it. It is narrow and fits through all door ways. Has great wheels so can be used as a jogging stroller or for any outdoor activities. Fits super easily in the back of my van, and is so easy to maneuver. Check it out......


  • I have the Valco trimode twin with the toddler seat. DD1 is 2 and she loves the seat. I use it for walks all the time and trips by myself. However, it is a little heavy but I don't have a problem lifting in and out of the van. It maneuvers easily and isn't hard to push.
    Also, it's pretty expensive new so I was able to pick it up used on Craiglist. Might be worth checking out.
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  • Valco twin tri-mode with Joey seat it is no where near as big as the peg which I had and hated. The Valco is small enough to go in stores and fit through doors and all that and it is cheaper then the peg.

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  • If you want to spend a little less and have a lighter weight stroller go with the valco zee two with joey seat. Love it! The tri-mode is great too but we didn't need it for our use. Can't go wrong with either and you can get the hitch hiker board for when your older child doesn't need to sit as much.

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  • Even though I haven't been able to use it yet, I got a triple Runabout from a lady who had an inhome daycare.  She lived in a very hilly area and said she had no problems manuevering the stroller with toddlers in it.  The only downside I can see is that it won't fit in the back of my small suv because it doesn't fold, but I don't see that being a big deal since we'll be getting a bigger vehicle eventually. 

    Also, keep an eye out for a stroller on Craigslist.  We got a great deal on our stroller this way and even though it was a few years old, it looks like new.



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  • I also ha've the Valco Twin Tri with joey seat and love it for all the reasons listed! I agree, check craigslist..I was able to find one for half the price it retails for new.
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  • We have the Valco tri mode with joey seat but haven't used it yet.  We bought it from a friend who liked it. We already have an all terrain SBS (Bumbleride Indie Twin) and really like it.  It's easy to push with one hand and can fit through doorways.  I'm hoping the Valco will be like that.
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