How fast can your newborn empty your breast?

I know I'm an over producer. I always had way more than enough milk with DS. My new LO doesn't feed very long, maybe 1215 minutes on one side every 3 hours and she's done. Doesn't matter what I do to try to wake her. If I get her on the other side, she just ends up spitting it up. She has plenty of dirty diapers, so I know she's getting stuff out.

Do you think it's possible she's able to eat this quickly at only 12 days old?

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Re: How fast can your newborn empty your breast?

  • Is she gaining weight?  If she is gaining weight and has enough wet/dirty diapers, then she could be that efficient.
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  • That's how DS was as a newborn too. As long as you're getting enough wet & dirty diapers, I wouldn't worry.

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  • If you are an over producer its very likely she is just fine with her 12-15 mins. your let down phase happens faster and at that stage they only need about a strawberry size to be full. Good job mommy, I think you are doing just fine!
  • I wasn't an over producer, but when B was a newborn, she ate for a similar length of time. She had an appropriate amount of wet & dirty diapers, so I wasn't concerned.
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  • For sure. Amelie has been a 10-15 minute nurser from the beginning. She's always had enough wet/dirty diapers and has been gaining weight steadily since we left the hospital.

  • Once my LO got over the jaundice and started gaining weight (we had some weight issues at 2 weeks), she was able to finish eating in 15 mins or less.  It takes longer to get her burped and back to sleep lol.
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  • My daughter nurses only for 10 minutes or so and only on one side. She's basically been that way since birth.
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  • My 3 week old barely does 15 minutes total... and some sessions 10 minutes is hard to achieve..
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  • After day of life #2 DD has never nursed for longer than 10 minutes. If she does happen to go longer, it's just comfort sucking and she isn't swallowing or getting milk in her mouth.  I had a lactation consult at 5 days old she nursed for 6 minutes on one breast and took almost 2 ounces, and then again a week later and she took an ounce from each breast after only about 5 minutes a side. Even though she's quick, she is gaining weight and my breasts are softer after she's done, so I'm assuming she's getting enough.


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  • Both of my kids could finish a feeding in 10-15 minutes, even as newborns.  I had oversupply with #1 and an over-active letdown with both, so I think they were just able to compensate and learned to suck quickly!

    Both we back to their birth weight at about a week old and were chunky infants, so I know they were getting enough.  It's possible.  : )


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