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Drop Cam or Baby Monitor

We are trying to decide between getting a drop cam and using our iphones or getting a baby video monitor. I like the idea of the drop cam but am not sure it will work for us since I'd have to open the app in the middle of the night to see our baby. Also, wouldn't I have to open the app to hear my baby? 

Am I missing something with how the drop cam would work? 

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Re: Drop Cam or Baby Monitor

  • I think you would have to set your iPhone so that it would not go to sleep or turn off. You would just have the app open all night. But I am no expert.

    We just have the motorola video monitor and I think that's the best one. I think it is best to have something that doesn't depend on your other technology to work.

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  • We have the drop cam and a cheap audio monitor.  It's nice that we can check in on DS by video via drop cam anywhere we have our iphones/ipads.  We still feel like we need a audio monitor. There is a slight delay in feedback from the drop cam and varies depending on how old your smart phone is.  I like the audio monitor for when I am sleeping.  DH has his phone to beep like he's getting a text message whenever "movement" is detected.

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