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Membrane stripping?

I've seen a few posts on here and 3rd tri about membrane stripping. I thought that was usually done closer to week 40, but it seems like a lot of people on TB are getting it done between weeks 36-38.

If you had yours stripped already, why did the doctor do it?

I'm just curious, I haven't asked my OB and she hasn't mentioned it so, I really have no clue but I'm curious since I've seen it mentioned. 


Re: Membrane stripping?

  • oh I hope someone answers  - i had the same question!
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  • Yes Ive been wondering the same thing, as I thought it was usually done once you were considered "overdue", or at the earliest 40 weeks?

    Least that?s the way it?s done in the UK.

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  • With my dd my OB only offered after I had my first internal at 39w and was already 3cm. I had a 50/50 of it working and I just happened to have her the next day.

    I won't ask to do it until 39 or 40w it really depends on how dilated iam. And I believe people should wait till closer to there due date.
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  • I have not had it done this pregnancy.  My OB offers it at 37 weeks and I took her up on her offer with DS, but not so much this time.  I don't feel it significantly did anything for me.  I stayed at 3cm for weeks and nothing happened except just a few hours of cramping and some slight spotting.  I went into labor at 38 weeks, 6 days (so that was after two times of stripping my membranes), but I'm not sure if the stripping had anything to do with it.


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  • My doctor did it with my first pregnancy at a few days past 38 weeks.  I was clueless as to what was going on.  She checked me and a was a little dialated and effaced...can't remember how much exactly....and she said, 'let's see if we can get a little something started here'.  She told me it may hurt a little and BOY did it!  Not too terribly, but not wat I was expecting.  She never said that's what she was doing or did or a reason really.  I had mentioned at that appointment it would be nice for her to get there that week bc DH was home from work and wouldn't have to miss a shift.  she was born that next morning around 10 am.  Anyway, I will be 38 weeks Saturday and if he hasn't made it here by my Monday appointment I will be asking her to do it again. Only bc I'm already 3 cm and 70%. 
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  • I don't know much about it, but I have a friend who had her membranes stripped when she was about 39 weeks. Her doctor told her that it wouldn't put her into labor, but if she was about ready to go into labor anyway, it would just speed things up a little. She went into labor that night and had her baby the next day. I don't think I would have it done before 40 weeks unless I'm super uncomfortable or have some other problem. I'd rather have labor happen naturally.
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  • Mine will ask me if I want it starting around 38 weeks. Just to get things moving. With DD it didnt do much, with DS I had him that night
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  • I did it with #2 and all it did was make me cramp and bleed.  From what I understand it will only work if your LO is ready anyways.
  • I had mine stripped at my appt at 38w 2d with DD.  I was dilated 3cm already though and the Dr had some concerns because my fundal height measured 36w for 3 weeks in a row.  She did it because I asked her to and she was going to send me to be induced at 39w if I didn't have the baby before that (because the lack of uterine growth was probably a sign the placenta was shutting down).  But I did go into labor the next night and had the baby the next day.

    I'm surprised people are having it done prior to 37w.

    ETA: I will only ask for it after 38ish weeks if I'm already a bit dilated.  I have also heard it won't do anything unless LO is ready. 

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  • image Tulips114:

    I'm surprised people are having it done prior to 37w.

    Ditto this, like shocked actually.  

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  • It seems odd to do it at 36 weeks since its not considered full term. My OB only does it by request after 38 weeks but she prefers for labor to start naturally and doesn't normally suggest them.



  • So here's a really stupid question to tack on to this thread -- what exactly is membrane stripping? What do they do? I have absolutely no clue if it's typical here in Germany, whether my OB does it / will suggest it at some point. Never became an issue with DD, so I'm in new territory here, too.

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  • I had mine stripped with my last pregnancy at 40 weeks after deciding with the OB not to induce -- I was considered a medium/high risk pregnancy where SOP was induction, but they could not find anything actually wrong with me or the pregnancy aside from 'small baby', so this seemed like a decent middle ground while being heavily monitored. I have NO idea if it did anything. I think I had it done on Friday and went into labor naturally on Monday, 2 days after my due date.
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