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Question for Team Green mamas!

Do you have an internal dialogue that is telling what sex your baby is? 

 Mine has been screaming boy. When I think of our LO, I keep thinking "it's Boden" Erilyn just doesn't feel right.... 

I just want to know if anyone else has strong feelings about this and how right or wrong we could be in the end....

(Team blue and team pink mamas can weigh in too, of course :D)  

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Re: Question for Team Green mamas!

  • If you asked me this in the beginning I would have said girl. Now I am leaning towards boy. However, that could be because 95% of everyone I talk to voices that they think boy.
  • Im team blue, but with both my babies before we found out the gender, I somehow already "knew". Im not sure being team green would ever work for me, because I would think I "knew" one way or the other the whole time and not even think of it as being a surprise, even if in the end it turned out to be the opposite sex haha.
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  • Not Team Green, but I will say that I was sure that DS was going to be a girl, yet every time I had a dream about a baby I would see a blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy.... and that's exactly what I have!

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  • We were Team Green with our DD. I knew for sure she was going to be a girl. We found out for the boys, and I was right with them too. I just knew that neither baby was going to be a girl.

  • I am leaning boy but I feel terrible saying he if in fact it is a she so I switch from he and she often. 
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  • With DD1, I had a voice screaming girl. The ultra sound tech, the doctors, everyone I knew said boy. But the little voice in my belly was right. I didn't have a single thing for her that was pink. She had to come home in blue!!
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  • image chaci:
    Im team blue, but with both my babies before we found out the gender, I somehow already "knew". Im not sure being team green would ever work for me, because I would think I "knew" one way or the other the whole time and not even think of it as being a surprise, even if in the end it turned out to be the opposite sex haha.

    This is me as well except I'm team pink

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  • I have no clue at all :)  I didn't with DD ether ;)
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  • I strongly feel that this LO is a girl. That's just been my gut instinct from the beginning. Thinking of this baby as a boy doesn't feel right to me...but we will see! I am getting so anxious to find out!



  • We've been team green both times so far and with DS I knew he was a boy -- even at the end when I swelled like a tick and everyone swore I was having a girl.  I have gone back and forth with this one which makes me think maybe it's a girl.  Plus, every time we ask DS if it's a boy or a girl he says girl.

    I guess we'll see soon enough.  I can't wait Smile

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  • In the beginning I was saying I didn't have any indication, but to be honest, I have always had a little but of a lean towards girl.  

     I flip flop on the pronouns, but the feminine has been dominant for both me and my DH, and now I think, b/c I am thinking it will be a girl, it is probably a boy!


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  • I'm almost positive I'm having a boy. Reasons: my bump shape is very similar to how it was with DS and I'm having a REALLY hard time seeing myself with a daughter. Ugh! That is terrible I know but I can't help it! This would also be the reason we can't choose a girl name.

    Only 1 person has told me they think it's a boy. MIL thinks it a girl and so does DS but he's only 2 so what does he know?!  Lol We ask him and he always says, "baby sister."  No one else has made any guesses (apparently no one else cares!)

    I will be SHOCKED if LO is a girl.

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  • I thought I was having a boy and so did my Mom and MIL. We had a gender reveal cake party and had buttons we handed out letting people guess boy or girl. I ran out of boy buttons. When we went to cut the cake my Mom still yelled out boy as we were cutting and then there it was, the big stripe of pink icing. :) We're having a girl. My husband guessed correctly though. :)
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  • I was team green with my second, third, and up until 31 weeks with this one (until my ultrasound tech slipped up and told me) with each one of them I was completely convinced I was finally going to get my little boy..... I have been wrong every time :)
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  • I have vacillated so many times... I keep telling myself that you have a 50% chance of your intuition being right. I have dreams it's a girl but that may be because we have had a girl named picked out for a while and are still debating a boy's name. In the beginning, however, I was convinced boy. Now, I have no idea!!!
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  • I was quite convinced this LO was a boy.  Like, absolutely positive.  I was very wrong!  It's not like I really wanted a boy over a girl, just what I thought.  I am so thrilled to be having a girl, though!

    We actually had to have a few u/s after the initial 20 wk scan, so I like to say it's either a girl or a very unfortunate boy since we've had triple confirmation now :)

  • I think it's a girl, but I'm always wrong :)
  • I've had a very strong feeling since the beginning that it's a boy. I have no real reason for thinking that, it's just how I feel. It's hard for me to even imagine it as a girl. I think that if it is a girl, it'll take me a few hours to get used to the idea since I'm so convinced it's a boy!
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  • It was very clear on the ultrasound that LO is a girl, but in every one of my dreams, LO is a boy. If I had gone team green, I would definitely think I was having a boy... and I'd be wrong.


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  • I was sure I was having a girl until I found out I was having a boy. lol 
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  • At first all of my dreams had a boy in them, but more recently they baby has been a girl in my dreams. We have had a boy name picked out since I was like 7 weeks but we just decided on a girl name this week. So I really have no clue. My little sister, she's 4, says its a girl.. We shall see soon enough!

  • I was so positive we were having a boy from the beginning. Towards the end of pregnancy, all my family, friends, and coworkers were telling me girl, but I still thought boy. Imagine my surprise when DH announced "it's a girl!". I said "really? A girl? We have a little girl?" I guess my instinct was wrong, but all my pregnancy dreams we had a girl, so maybe my subconscious knew and was trying to tell me!
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  • I'm team pink but from the very beginning, before the ultrasound tech confirmed it, I just knew I was having a girl. Just had a strong feeling. Wasn't even an "I'm pretty sure I think it's a girl" .. it was a "this is most definitely a girl"

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  • I have thought girl since about week 14 or so... People are now telling me it looks like I am carrying a boy.. I have no idea.. BUT sooo excited to find out.  I am so happy we went Team Green - everyone is so excited to find out, not only us!
  • I honestly have no idea but we've been thinking boy.  I was teasing DH and telling him that if this baby is born a girl, we're in for a world of trouble, only because we've been referring to it as "he" for months, lol!
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