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So, about my hair...

I need some help. I posted this on the nest too but I don't know that I'll get any action.

Anyway, I trust you strangers on the internet because I feel like you won't care about hurting my feelings or telling me I'm a goober.

Here is me. Please do not mock.


I was gonna draw a sweet mustache on myself but didn't want to distract anyone.

Here is the hair I am thinking about getting.


Am I making a horrible mistake? Do you have another suggestion? My hair is just past my shoulders but heavily layered and I have a "sideswept bang" already just not as major at what it in the hair cut pics.

I would ask DH but he doesn't think I should ever cut my hair and can't just be nice and support me when I tell him that my hair is breaking and falling out and just generally dying since I had LO. (I have little wispy pieces all over the place that I think could maybe look like they belong with a shorter hairstyle.)

Anyway, I'd appreciate opinions, even if it's just "OH HEL* NO!"

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Re: So, about my hair...

  • That would be an extreme change......but I think your face could pull it offBig Smile.  My only concern would be that style of cut......you would actually have to do your hair every morning.......I'm lazy and could NEVER do that cause more days then not I don't do my hair.  But it is a lovely haircut.
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  • Honestly, I think the huge bangs might look odd with the shape of your face. The model has a very pointy chin.

    When I needed a new style, I got a recommendation for a good stylist from a friend and just sat myself in her chair and closed my eyes. I was a bit nervous, but got great results.

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  • I love this cut! If I could pull it off I would do it. My hair is too wavy and thick. It would take me forever to style it. And, I think my face to too round/fat for short hair. :/

    I did save to pics though just in case!
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  • I love it, I think it would look nice on you.  I can see it with the shape of your face and I think you would rock it.  Would you change the color at all?  I can't tell because your hair is in a pony, but do you have highlights?  that would change the depth of the look of the cut.  Also have you had short hair before?  I have many times and I have loved it but be prepared to feel different.  Especially if you arent use to having hair in your eyes all of the time.  I want you to do it today and post pics!!!!
    Merry christmas and a happy new year
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  • image jessandandy09:
      I want you to do it today and post pics!!!!

    Thanks everyone!

    (Jessandandy) Your enthusiam makes me want to go today too lol YAY

    I wouldn't do her color, that's for sure. Right now my hair is sort of a light ashy brown, I am thinking I would get highlights more towards blond. (I already have low and highlights but they are sort of washed out.) I haven't really decided on this though and might end up just getting an all over richer brown instead of my ashy blah color.

    I have had short hair before, everything from around 2 inches all over to bobs, to stuff similar to this but I have never done anything quite so asymetrical. I used to do this all the time - grow my hair out and then chop it all off...but since meeting DH have stopped because he really likes long hair. But sucks to him.

    My hair right now has the whole sideswept bang thing going on and having it in my eyes drives me nuts actually but I would probably pin it back somewhat during the day and then leave it down for going out. Either that or REALLY hit it with some super hold hair spray so that they stay up a little.

    I dunno, I'm glad the response is mostly positive cause I need to do something.


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  • maybe try the cut and if you arent really in love with then try adding a color?  I think you are going to love it though.  And I think your DH will too after he gets use to it.  My DH is in Love with long hair too and I hate my hair.  He is growing his hair out the way I want him to, so right now I have to grow mine too (its our "deal")  but next year--- watch out world my hair is getting chopped
    Merry christmas and a happy new year
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  • I like the short cut and I think it would suit you. My only concern is that is seems high maintenance, like you would have to use products and blow dry and whatnot. If you do that already, then it's perfect. If not, you may want to look for something easier to maintain. I'm looking into short styles myself (I have mid-back length, blond wavy hair, thinking of something like this:



     But then, I never blow dry and usually have it up in a ponytail or bun since my twins looove to pull on hair :) 

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