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I love my mom so much right now!

When I was about 12 or 13, I had a fit because my bedroom still had all of my old baby stuff in it with the exception of my bed. My mom finally agreed to redo my room to give me something "more fit for a teenager". In the process I told her to throw out all of my old baby stuff. I told her I had no use for the old collectables and child-sized furniture. She just laughed and told me I should keep them so that I could give them to my own daughter some day. I told her I was never having kids and if I did, I wouldn't want to give them my old crap (god was I a brat). Well all these years later, I thought that she had throw all of the stuff out until I was visiting her the day that she put away her Christmas tree. She had my brother crawling around in the attic for a good hour or so and then they said that they had something to show me. She kept everything! I now have vintage child-sized furniture for when my daughter is a little older plus a ton of collectables that we actually found out are now worth money! I'm actually glad that my mom didn't listen to me because now my daughter is going to have so truly special things in her nursery that I would never be able to  buy today.
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Re: I love my mom so much right now!

  • That's really great your mom saved so much. My mom did the same thing. I'm most excited for my rocking horse, which was also my mom's rocking horse.
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  • Aww that is so nice! My MIL is a HUGE pack rat and even after 4 moves still had a a ton of DH's stuff from his youth. A lot of his favorite toys and even the blanket and snoopy riding toy that he came with when we was adopted. not to mention his favorite monkey, slippers, old hockey jerseys from his team when he was 3 or 4. 

    I did keep a few things like a child size rocking chair and such. So nice to be able to pass things on to our kids.  So much more meaning and I find alot of the time much better quality. I LOVE taking my kids to my grandma's house cause they get to play with all the toys I played with when I went there when I was young. 

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  • Way to go, Mom!
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    Farewell, nesticle, you will be missed
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  • That is so awesome!
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