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FTM beyond excited

I'm 36 weeks and I can't wait to meet my daughter! Yes, I still have things to do to prepare for her and I'm trying to keep myself busy and take lots of naps while I still can, but I'm so excited that I can't hardly stand it! My husband works nights a lot and it's not too bad when he's home, but when I'm alone at night, the anticipation is almost painful!! I feel like these last few weeks are going to drag on!

Re: FTM beyond excited

  • I totally know how you feel. My husband works nights too and I'm not working at all now. The hours just take forever. I'm glad to know someone else comes on here to pass the time. It's almost become a 10pm ritual for me since I get so bored. I guess we should just enjoy the alone time now but its really difficult to do
  • Hey count me in the same boat, but my f is for fourth time mom :) For two weeks DH will be working night, and gone pretty much all the time. It sucks, I am dying and time is dragging on. I am excited to see the baby and my husband! I have been on and off a lot tonight. Just bouncing between cleaning, and wasting time online. I am currently folding a butt load of laundry, but having a hard time finishing it. Just want time to move on, rather than crawl.
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  • My husband works nights too.  He had last night and tonight off.  I am a third time mom and I am still excited, however I am able to hang on a little bit because I know this is it for us.  But time sure is dragging a LOT. 
  • Second timer here!! DH works in the morning, so me and DS are sitting here everyday, trying to occupy ourselves, and of course everywhere we look there are baby items. LOL. We are all really anxious for LO to get here.
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  • I feel the same way!  I'm still working and plan on doing so until my daughter arrives.  Time is dragging by - and I'm not at home.  You guys have more patience than I do for sure.  I have all the baby stuff "hidden" for now - either in closets or stored in the basement.  We also keep the door to the nursery closed but that's mostly because we don't want the fur babies in the room. 

    I keep telling myself to enjoy these last weeks of freedom, but given how hard it is to move and how uncomfortable I am, it doesn't feel very free :-)

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