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What do you think?

I keep getting a low grade fever of about 99.7 with no other symptoms besides a headache every once in a while...   I can get it to go away with some tylenol and a nap but Im not sure if I should be concerned with it or not. At first I thought I was getting a cold or something but after about 4 days of it and no other symptoms Im completely lost! Anyone else delt with something like this? I have an appointment first thing tomorrow Im just curious as to what it might be?
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Re: What do you think?

  • I'd tell your doctor, but wouldn't be concerned. I doubt your doctor will even consider that a fever.


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  • I have a cold/possible flu, OB listened to my lungs and said they sounded clear so I was ok. She told me to look out for colored mucus(nose and throat,lol) because that could mean it is changing into a Respitory Infection. But the headace and fever I have, along with cough and exhaustion. Let your doctor know, but I do not think you have to be worried.
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  • 99.7 isn't really a fever I don't think. That's in the normal range for an adult. Lots of pregnant people run hot due to the extra human heater attached to you and hormones. I'd put away the thermometer before you make yourself crazy. If you feel too warm, a cool cloth, fan, or going outside if it's cool there will help.
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