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Figure out how to get sent home from DC!

So Kaci has figured out how to get sent home from daycare.  She whines, throws a fit, crys enough that her teachers are taking her temp constantly thinking she is sick.  She gets so worked up that her temp finally reaches 100 and presto I get the phone call and she gets to spend the rest of the day and next with mommy.  Then once I get her she acts like her normal self.  Grr.  I talked to the director about it and she just pulled if she has a temp she has to go home.  Is this part of the terrible 2s?  Any ideas on how to convince DC that she is playing them?
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Re: Figure out how to get sent home from DC!

  • Umm... I really don't think you can physically make your temperature higher just from being upset....  Maybe you should take her to the doctor?
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  • How long do they wait to take her temperature after she calms down?  I've always been told you should wait 30 minutes after waking, eating, or throwing a fit.  If she's doing this repeatedly, maybe follow up with the director with that information plus set up an action plan w/the teachers about how to handle these episodes in the future.  I know it's frustrating as a teacher and parent, but the best way to deal with it is to not give in and just make her go home, otherwise she's going to keep doing it.  GL and keep us posted on how it works out.   
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  • I'm quite impressed if she's got that figured out.  Hope you figure out a solution soon!  
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  • image waterfall11:
    I'm quite impressed if she's got that figured out. nbsp;Hope you figure out a solution soon! nbsp;

    My thought too.
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  • Our daycare does underarm temperatures and then adds a degree.  Completely not reliable. I have brought DS to the doctor immediately after coming from daycare with a "temperature" and the doctor confirms there is no temperature. Sometimes I wonder if they chase all of the toddlers around taking temperatures to see what toddler they can send home.  Maybe do that and that might allow LO back into daycare at least the next day? Maybe then they would get the hint?

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