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How many weeks?

I posted this on the baby shower board but thought I'd get all of your input as well...just curious...how many weeks pregnant will you be at your baby shower?

I will be 34 weeks at the first one (5 hours away) and 35 weeks at the second (1 hour away).  I'm a tad bit nervous about this!  I really hope I don't go into labor early or that I'm too uncomfortable.  I want to be able to enjoy the showers!

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Re: How many weeks?

  • If you don't have control over the dates at this point there's nothing you can do and no point in worrying!

     Also, if it makes you feel better I delivered at 42 weeks so I would have been totally ok with those dates!  

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  • I was 34 weeks at my shower and it was fine.  I will say I think I over did it a little that weekend as my sister was in town and we were out all day friday, I had a childbirth class all day on Saturday too.  So the shower on Sunday made me a little tired by the end.  But I wasn't really uncomfortable.
  • I was only 31 at mine because we were trying to avoid the holidays too much....so it would have probably been later if it wouldn't be right around Christmas. I think you'll be totally fine at 35 weeks.
  • I will be 35 weeks and 6days at my shower and I've been in L&D twice this past week because I was dehydrated (thanks to morning sickness) and having contractions (because of the dehydration thanks to the morning sickness) ha but I am not worried at all it won't help anything if I go into labor at my shower....at least it will be one shower my gusts will not forget! haha
  • I will be 35 weeks but it's only about 30-40 min from my hospital (as is my house), so it's no big deal!
  • Mine is this Saturday and I will be 37 weeks 5 days. It is about an hour from my hospital (and home), but no worries. DH is a professional driver, so he will get me back home quickly if needed. ZOOM!

    I am expecting to be late and not saying early would be impossible, either. I just don't want to start getting bored later in my pregnancy and refusing to do things. I bore easily. 

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  • I will be 35 weeks I think it should be ok..

    I have a Daughter born 2/26/2013. She is pretty much amazing!

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  • I will be 36 weeks which really makes me nervous... I have been having frequent contractions and a lot of pain lately and I am only 31 weeks right now, so we will see what happens..
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  • I will be 36 weeks - my shower is at my parents house which is 10 minutes from my house so commute time wouldn't be an issue at either location!  Good Luck!
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  • I will be 32 for the first and 34 for the second...the second was planned for as late as I was willing to go, since I'm already incredibly uncomfortable.

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  • At my last shower I was barely 38 weeks. (That's right, it was recently!) It was freaking me out, but it turned out okay, and now that it's over I'm so revealed!

    I was totally sick though so I didn't feel up to even so much as conversing with guests! :( And if I had more time I would have been more able to postpone the shower until I was feeling better, (I had been sick for over a week before the shower, and knew I'd still be sick once the shower came because the rest of my household was sick for about two weeks straight before I caught it. This one's hard to get rid of!)

    Anyway, I wouldn't worry so much about a shower at 35 weeks. Having a baby 5 weeks early is pretty rare-sauce. 

  • If I get a baby shower this time around, it will be a huge surprise,.... not expecting one, but with my first. I was super uncomfortable and at 30wks. Hopefully who ever hosts it has you propped up in a bed, not moving, if only to use the rest room. Keep those feet up momma Wink
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  • I had a BBQ to celebrate with friends last week not a shower, didn't ask anyone for gifts because I know all of my friends are young and broke. I was 34 weeks. My future MIL is hosting a shower this weekend 35 weeks, and a coworker is hosting a work shower on feb. 3rd. At that point ill be almost 38 weeks so that one is making me a little nervous! But my last day at work isn't until feb. 13th unless I go into labor sooner!
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  • I will be about 34 weeks as well. Hoping I'm not too tired for all of the last minute shopping, laundry, and organizing coming afterwards.

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  • One at 25 weeks and one at 35 weeks (before and after Christmas).
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  • A few friends  were the first to be pregnant in our group of friends and recommended to me that I have it earlier, explaining that I'll feel way more comfortable that way.  I actually had my first shower at 26 weeks because I live in California but was home in NH for the holidays and my family wanted to throw a little shower for me then.  I have another one a week from Saturday and I'll be at 30 weeks which is more so the official shower.  :) 

    I'm sure you'll be just fine though.  Just try to relax and enjoy the moment.  :)

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