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Hands hurt..

I am not sure if it is due to swelling (i have some) but my hands and sometimes feet feel like they are arthritic. In the AM they hurt sooo much and seem to get a little better as i use them during the day. 

Anyone else having this? 


Re: Hands hurt..

  • I don't know what it is, but yes, I have this too!
  • Not sure about your feet but I do know pregnant women get carpal tunnel quite a bit, and that affects your wrists and hands.  Could be what you're experiencing.  Or it could just be sore joints? 
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  • Your body gives off a hormone that relaxes all your muscles so it's easier during labor. That's likely what's going on. 
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  • Started getting it in my hands a couple of weeks ago.  My doctor says it's carpal tunnell, and is very common during late pregnancy.  For me, it started out being only in the mornings and going away completely by the time I left for work.  Now I can feel it all day, but it's still definitely worse in the morning and gets better throughout the day.  Doc says it should go away once the baby comes.
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  • This has been my worst and most long-lasting pregnancy symptom - I think I started experiencing it sometime around the 26-27 week mark, and its steadily gotten worse.  I wake up at night sometimes because my hands ache so badly.  We are nearing the end though - hopefully we'll all go back to normal soon!
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  • Yupp... asked my doctor and she says it's due to excess fluid and blood. Will get better again after birth!


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  • Yup.  My hands are pretty swollen and it feels like arthritis.  I've got fat little sausage fingers!
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  • YES!! and exactly the same with them hurting much worse in the morning. When I try to close my hands every single knuckle just hurts. No idea what causes this, but definitely feelin' ya here.
  • It's carpal tunnel, and if it's really bad wearing a wrist guard at night will help a lot! Although it's super uncomfortable haha, it keeps your hands in one spot, they are worse in the morning because at night everyone tends to have there hands in awkward positions and lots of people sleep with them under their head, it probably feels like you've been opening and closing your hands all night. That's the best way to describe my carpal tunnel.
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  • i got this for sure. no swelling in my feet, but my hands are puffy and arthritic feeling.


    doesn't help that last week i managed to bizarrely injure my left hand while moving our stroller box (still packaged) and tore some ligaments. now i have a custom splint, physical therapy and months of recovery with limited use of my hand to go through right before i give birth. i'm convinced the loose joints/fluids in my hand made me more vulnerable to this kind of injury so BE CAREFUL everybody! 

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  • I have it too. carpal tunnel. it should go away if that is what it is!!
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    YES!! and exactly the same with them hurting much worse in the morning. When I try to close my hands every single knuckle just hurts. No idea what causes this, but definitely feelin' ya here.


    me too!  when i wake up i have to open and close my hands into a fist and it seems to help. my swelling is minimal though.  knuckles ache!


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