3rd Trimester

3rd trimester Acid Reflux

I'm barely into my 3rd trimester with my first.. and I've been having acid reflux a lot lately! Is this pretty normal?  I'm not sure what to take to help get rid of it! I've never had acid reflux until now Ick!

Re: 3rd trimester Acid Reflux

  • Yes!  I get it horrible at night.  Try to stay away from fatty, spicy foods.  Don't lie down after eating.  Also, I've read to try and not to eat anything 3 hours before bed.  I've been trying to follow these rules and it's been helping.
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  • Mine has been difficult to tame too.  Mylanta didn't work for me but the Gaviscon Extra Strength - taken 1 teaspoon every 4 hours helps immensely.  Does not make it go away completely but does make it bearable.   Good Luck and God Bless.
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  • Mine has been terrible this time around, pretty much from the onset of pregnancy. I actually recently got a prescription because Tums & Pepcid were doing nothing.

    Mine is related to nothing (I get it when I eat spicy food, I get it when I don't, sigh) but some things that might trigger it are acidic foods, caffeine, spicy foods, etc. and like pp said lying down too soon after eating (also good just to elevate your upper body a bit when you go to sleep). I'd start with Tums and hopefully that will work. 

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  • Yup....same thing with me.  Horrible-painful-evil heartburn!   I take Zantac 150 once a day...chomp on tums the rest of the time :(   I think the fact that I am carrying Baby Boy really high makes it a little worse.
  • hmm I'm having a boy.. and carrying him very high as well! I'm hoping it isnt going to get worse the last couple months. I'm almost 28 weeks.
  • Ugh, I've had the worst heartburn the last few weeks, too, and I've never had heartburn before! I've been eating Tums constantly....

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  • I had it really bad and I was chewing Tums like a champ (my bone density is probably off the charts, lol!) but when I started waking up at night with mouthfuls of acid-y nastiness (even sleeping practically sitting up), I waved the white flag. My OB told me to start taking Prilosec (I just get the generic store brand Omeprazole) and it is working wonders. I'm down to just one or two Tums a day, if any!
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  • I've been taking Zantac 150 since 2nd Tri. It helps immensely but doesn't completely solve the issue.
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  • If a tums works for you then I would stick with that. But eating tums all day can cause a build up of calcium in your stomach so I was told. I go with the Zantac 75 and that usually does the trick.
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  • yes! very normal. your stomach is pretty much in your chest right now :) take zantac 75 - it lasts for 12 hours
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  • image serobertson03:
    hmm I'm having a boy.. and carrying him very high as well! I'm hoping it isnt going to get worse the last couple months. I'm almost 28 weeks.

    It got worse for me. I started throwing up from the acid coming up. It's miserable. A good day is when I don't puke from it. I'm taking Zantac 150 twice a day and Tums in between, and trying to stay away from problem foods.

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  • Tums are good, but go easy on them, esp. if you are anemic--the calcium blocks iron absorption.  And if a regular dose once or twice a day isn't cutting it, talk to your doc about what else you might take that isn't requiring you to take quite so much of it.  (Not all doctors recommend the same stuff). 

    Other good steps to take are drinking a small glass of milk before bed and avoiding laying completely flat/get your heart above your stomach.   

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  • You got good advice that I agree with, but I thought I would throw out my weird trigger food- sugar. I can eat sweet food no problem, but if something is sugary, like a hershey bar or a snickers that triggers it. Weird, and not an expected trigger, so maybe something to be on the lookout for. 
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  • Mine is very bad as well, and I've never had heartburn before.  My doctor prescribed a medication for me to take (completely safe for pregnancy) and I can still take Tums with it if I need to.  I've been on it for two weeks and it's a lot better.

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  • I've had this too. Watch out for foods that are too acidic... anything with tomatoes ALWAYS gets me bad. You can take Tums, but watch out because calcium can interfere with the absorption of iron. I was recently diagnosed as borderline anemic, and I don't know for sure, but it might have to do with the Tums I've been taking... so I try to take my vitamin in the morning and avoid having a lot of calcium around that time.


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  • I take Zantac.  Moved up 2x a day in the 3rd tri.  I was getting it all the time regardless of what I ate, but certain juices (ie: OJ and cranberry) and tomato based things made it much worse.  I stopped eating red sauce in my 8th month after I literally stayed up all night due to a saucy dinner (even after taking zantac).  Now I want my first post baby meal to be a saucy slice of pizza:)
  • I had it so bad that on occasion, I would throw up! The doctor recommended Zantac, but before I bought that, I read online that gum would help. Since you're chewing so much and not swallowing, it increases the amount of saliva you swallow and pushes down the acid where it belongs. Works like a charm. I chew a piece before bed and I feel great. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I chew another piece for about 20 minutes and I go back to sleep:) 

    Cheap and easy. 

  • When I had this I looked up natural remedies and the one that worked best for me--was eating an apple a day! Of course, I still need a TUMS once in a while. =)
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