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Baby names

Why is it so hard to pick one?! It's so final! I thought we decided on one, and now I'm not so sure about it. How do you know when you find the right name?

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  • DH and I had trouble agreeing on a name so when we found one that we were both about 85% on we decided to go with that.  We were so sure with DD's name that I will admit that I am a little less satisfied with this name, but boys names have always been more difficult for us to agree on.  I like pretty unconventional names and was really hoping DH would agree to either Atticus or Augustus (Gus) but he wanted much more common names like Ian or Sam.  So, in the end we settled on Dean.  Neither of us got the name we wanted, but once we decided I told everyone we knew specifically so we wouldn't flip-flop later.  Now that I've gotten used to it I like it more and more and I think that once there's a chubby baby face attached to it that I will love it.  Plus, I got DH to agree to Augustus as a middle name (it's a family name so he couldn't argue it too much really) so I feel like I got some satisfaction!

     Names are really hard and I don't have any good advice except that you may not be 100% on any name, and it may be a compromise in the end but you'll probably end up loving it once it's attached to your baby.

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  • We haven't decided on one and I'm not worried about it. We have a list of possibilities. It will happen when it needs to and if my baby has to be Baby Girl Williams for a day or two, so be it.
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  • I'm in the same boat as you. I told DH last night we need another option, just in case. I still feel like I haven't found "that name" yet and it's really bugging me!
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  • We're leaning toward the name Karina, which I thought was Russian. I'm reading online that it has many origins, and that it is a popular Indian name. Now that I think about it, a former coworker named her baby Krina (they're Indian). I don't care that it's an Indian name, but we were hoping to stick with a Russian name since I'm Russian and my husband is Polish and she will have a really Polish last name. 

  • We decided on the name almost 2 months ago. It was difficult for us because we both had different favorites. We went through this long process that was more DH's style of doing things, where we narrowed a large list of names down to 8 we both liked, and then we both ranked them from most to least favorite. Our top picks were different, but we both ranked the name we chose pretty high. Then we wrote out the complete name, repeated it several times out loud, imagined having a daughter with that name, and we were both happy! I figured that if at some point we decided we didn't like it anymore, we still had enough time to change. But we've been saying the name so many times and haven't changed our minds.

    Of course people have a different way of doing things. If you're not loving the name you chose, maybe you should keep brainstorming. And maybe you won't have a name until you see your LO for the first time. Nothing wrong with that!

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  • Even before we were pregnant (dorky, I know), DH would just occasionally rattle through a list of names that I would veto, accept, or back-burner for further consideration. We have 3 boy names on our "tops" list but have always wanted "X" to be our first (still top secret till the big day!). Since baby will have DH's last name, baby will be getting my middle name.
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  • i'm no help, we're in the same boat :(

    H and I just don't have the same taste AT ALL! The hunt is on but with no results yet!

    Happy name hunting!

  • i cannot believe that my cousin just had a baby and named his girl HARMONY. What i was planning to name my girl in april.  word to the wise dont tell anyone your names that are due before you, because they will beat you to the punch.
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  • I hate how final it is at this point. I know it's final once the baby is out and the name is on the birth certificate, that I can handle, but right now, ugh, I'm just not totally in love with the name, even though I've agreed to it and I'm ok with it. Why couldn't FI love the name James or Thomas? :(
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