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Hypothyroidism and postpartum weight loss

Anyone with hypothyroidism having trouble with postpartum weight loss? I have been hypo since 1999, so I'm pretty used to managing it. During this pregnancy, my thyroid levels fluctuated wildly. They selected a dose for me to be on after pregnancy, which I've been on now since dd was born Dec. 29th, and it's higher then what I was on pre-preg. Still, I'm not losing any weight! I gained 40lbs and am only down 14lbs and the scale is not budging at all despite a good diet and exclusive BF. Last pregnancy the weight just fell off. Anyone else struggle to find the right thyroid dose after pregnancy? I'm trying to get my doc to order labs, but I'm thinking this has to be the issue. It's hard to distinguish the hypo symptoms from regular postpartum stuff.
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Re: Hypothyroidism and postpartum weight loss

  • After my third child I actually had to have my dosage reduced after I gave birth.  I think it's smart to get your levels checked, but I would probably wait until your six week post-partum visit just because you want to give your body a little time to get back to normal.  You're what, three weeks post-partum?  If so, I think you may need to just give the weight loss thing more time.  For me, I dropped around 15-20 pounds in the two weeks after I gave birth and then things slowed down.

    And, at least for me, breastfeeding actually seemed to make me hold onto weight rather than help me to lose it.

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  • I have hypothyroidism also. I gained fifty pounds during my pregnancy. I was really worried that I would not be able to loose the weight. However, at my postpartum checkup, I had lost 30 lbs! I haven't really been pushing myself to loose the last twenty, but as soon as it's warm enough outside, baby and I will be hitting the pavement!
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