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S+TM Hospital Bag Questions

So perhaps it's a little early, but because we've already been kept overnight in maternity once, I'd like to be prepared and have my hospital bag ready ASAP. My other issue is that where I work full time and by the time I get home I'm ready to crash these days. So I found this:

http://mypuredelivery.babies411.com/deluxe-bag/ ;

Does this seem to have everything I need? Anything else you would suggest? 

Also... sorry if that's not a clicky. My browser never seems to let me post pics, smileys, and now apparently clicky links. 

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Re: S+TM Hospital Bag Questions

  • That is a whole bunch of random stuff for $175!  I would just make a list of stuff that you have already that you want with you.  You definitely don't need the rest of that stuff.

    Do you have a brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc?  Just make a list of stuff to pack at the last minute and throw them into the bag. We've had this question a lot lately so I suggest looking at other recent posts, but here are a few things I'll be taking:

    nursing pillow, towel, flip flops, outfit for me and baby to come home in, cameras, chargers, tablet, toothbrush, contacts stuff and glasses, brush, shampoo and conditioner. Not much else really.

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  • Check out the threads from yesterday - I think there was a whole list of suggestions on what to pack
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  • I dont think you need to spend that much for that.  There have been quite a few posts on this lately.  But you really dont need to take that much w/ you.  Like PP said above.  Plus a outfit or two for the little one.  I know w/ my 1st I had WAY more in my bag than I needed.   I do recommend taking very comfy/ maternity pants to wear if you dont want to wear the hospital gown the entire time.  I wore a t-shirt & (big) yoga pants on the 2nd & 3rd day in the hospital.   Worked well for me. 
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  • Have you been to or are you planning on going on a hospital tour? I know it might seem a bit silly since you have already spent the night in maternity once already. But you can ask at your tour what is suggested and what the hospital will provide.

    I personally pack 2 bags. One for delivery and one for after. My delivery one has a massager (I tend to get back labour). Snacks for DH, something to read in case it is a long go, chap stick, sugar free lemon candies (I find they help me not feel like there is a wad of cotton in my mouth), water bottle, list of meds/vitamins I take and dosages, and anything else I might need during deliver or the hour right after. This bag I usually have packed and in the car in advance.

    My 2nd bag has a change of clothes, shampoo/conditioner/soap/toothbrush/tooth paste/hair brush/elastics. flip flops for in shower, my own towel, going home outfit for LO, zipper sweater, slippers, more reading material, note book to jot down questions/memories/ reminders, camera, cell phone and chargers. My pillow, and anything else I might need for my stay. There have been quite a few posts about this recently so maybe look back and check some of those replies. My 2nd bag is packed as good as I can and then I keep a running list of things that also need to go in last minute for DH.

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  • I love when companies slap the label of organic on normal, every day stuff and jack up the price. No one's birth experience is going to be any less magical without soy ink pens. lol

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  • Thanks for all the responses!

    I figured $175 was too much... I just really don't want to be unprepared! TB has a list of all sorts of things that they think are necessary and I guess I tend to over-think things.

    I really appreciate the insight, and I'll look at the older posts about this. I don't get to check the boards all that often, so it's nice to know I'm not the only one with these questions! 

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  • I brought the essentials...toothbrush, toothpaste, hair tie, hairbrush, a little mascara (yeah, I wanted to feel like a human again at some point during the longazz stay!), phone charger, kindle, camera, a few comfy clothes, slippers, flip flops, deodorant and my own pillow...I really don't think I brought much else! The hospital was excellent at providing robes, shampoo/conditioner, soap, pads/ice packs/witch hazel pads/lanolin and any other medical stuff that would help with healing. They have PLENTY of that kind of stuff!

    ETA: Oh yeah, and an outfit with socks and a hat for the baby. They were also really awesome at providing diapers, diaper rash cream, and a brush for her. She had way more hair than we had ever anticipated!

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  • I wouldn't spend money on this.... You will need alot of different thing so you will need another bag... Pjs, slippers, your own pillow if you want, something to go home in. Also the hospital should give you a lot of theses things, I know mine does.
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  • i was trying to wait til my baby shower to see if i get a diaper bag , but great choice


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