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I have been taking the gummy prenatal vitamins and I told my dr today about those and she said that they are still good to take but taking a "regular" vitamin would be better. But how are you suppose to swallow those "horsepills"? Can you somehow break them or for those who have a hard time swallowing a big pill how do you do it or what would you suggest? 

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Re: Prenatals...

  • If they are solid pills you can cut them with a pill cutter, but then of course you risk pulverizing some if it and losing some vitamins. As for easier ways to take them, well it depends in the person. One of my exclients found it easier with water or juice, where as others enjoyed swallowing large pills easier with applesauce or yogurt.

    Not all prenatals are huge and I would check with your dr, but mine suggested that if I wanted a smaller pill I would probably just need extra frolic acid, in which case I could just take an extra frolic acid supplement. I have always been ok with swallowing pills though, so I just have the big ones.
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  • I just take a women's daily vitamin with folic acid.  If I get a BFP, I'll switch to "real" prenatals...

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  • Mine aren't any bigger than a Tylenol gelcap or something.  What kind are you getting?
  • I take Target pre-natals, and they are about the size of a tylenol and are coated.  Try taking a few sips of water to wet your throat before you try to swallow your pill.  That really helps me.
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  • If you are really sensitive to swallowing pills there are also prenatals that you take three times a day in a smaller, mini pill. (For example, Rainbow Light has "Prenatal Petite".)
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  • First- @beth&derek-  LOVE your cat pic- looks like mine.


    Sto71- When I told my OB Hubby and i were trying to conceive and asked for prenatals- he prescribed OB complete one.  Yea they're kinda big so i drink with lots of water.  If your pills are time release- it is not advised to break it up as it will not disolve the way intended.  

  • My prenatal is about the same size as a Tylenol but my calcium pills are HUGE. Lots of water and a drink of water before. 
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    I take Target pre-natals, and they are about the size of a tylenol and are coated.  Try taking a few sips of water to wet your throat before you try to swallow your pill.  That really helps me.
    This works for me. 
  • Just pretend like you are "swallowing" ... easy as that, enjoy!
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    Just pretend like you are "swallowing" ... easy as that, enjoy!
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  • A little late on this, but I have the same problem and I find if I take it with something carbonated,  I don't feel the pill going down because of the fizzy-ness.  That's the only way I can take any pills. 
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  • I've never had an issue. I don't know what kind of "horsepills" you are taking, but the prenatals I take aren't any bigger than an advil or something. How do you swallow food??

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  • I have trouble with horse pulls too.  The best way I have found to swallow them is to take them with milk instead of water.
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  • I can't relate to those who have trouble swallowing pills.  I've never had a problem.  I just take a sip of water and swallow.  Smaller pills (like when I was on BCP) I could do without water.

    I do have a coworker that can't swallow any pills (not even itty bitty BCP). I'd have to imagine that it's more of a mental thing than anything else. She even has trouble brushing her teeth. She actually had to crush up her prenatals and added them to yogurt of applesauce or chewed them. She has to do the same thing with Tylenol or any other pill.

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  • I think I've tried at least 4 different types of prenatal vitamins but they all make me sick to my stomach :[ I've never been keen on swallowing pills and have a terrible gag reflex. But I found the gummy prenatal vitamins and so far I have not had a problem with them.... My only concern is that the gummy vitamin does not have any iron. I will call my OB tomorrow and ask if I should take an extra iron supplement :] I always forget to ask a question or two when I see him. I'm glad he's very cool though :]
  • I have issues swallowing pills also, my doctor prescribed me chewable prenatals and said they are fine.  But maybe you can ask her to find you smaller prenatals that you can take more often like PP suggested? 

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  • I used to take Trader Joe's brand, and they're big and not coated and I had trouble swallowing them sometimes. So I went to Osco looking for gummies, but they were out of stock, but they did have some that were coated, and I got those instead and now they're super easy to swallow! Yay! And they even include DHA, whereas TJ's, Whole Foods, etc., do not. So now I don't have to take extra DHA either! Yay!
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