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Intro and Digital OPK question

Hello everyone! I haven't posted here before but I have been lurking for awhile. I am a SAHM to an awesome little girl who just turned 1 on the 21st of December. DH and I are ready for #2 so I started using OPKs. I used them with DD and we conceived in 2 short months! I have never used the digital before and Walmart was out of the others. I took one yesterday and got my smiley face but I didn't trust it (I was thinking O wouldn't be until Thursday but I know this can change) so I waited 4 hours and took another and it was negative. We went to town today and they had the others so I bought them and the line is darker than the one I took before I started the digital (last time I used them they slowly got darker). I used a digital with the same urine and it was also negative. So my question there such thing as a false positive OPK? My cycles have currently been 30-31 days since having DD.

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Re: Intro and Digital OPK question

  • It's possible to have a positive OPK and not ovulate.  The OPK measures the amount of lutenizing hormone in your urine.  LH surges right before ovulation, however it is possible to have a LH surge and not ovulate.  This is why most women on here recommend charting your BBT along with using OPKs.  Charting your BBT can confirm that you did ovulate after your OPK.






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  • Is the test line on the non-digital darker than the control line?

    I generally reference for any OPK questions I have.  I suggest sticking to one brand so you can accurately compare.  Sorry I'm no help with the digis.   

  • Thanks ladies. I had some slight cramping earlier today, it lasted just a few minutes. I ordered the thermometer to start BBT and charting next month. We don't have a place that sells them where I live. I tried to BBT last year to get in the habit but kept forgetting.

    The lines on the DOPK were almost the same but not quite. The control line was still a little darker. I have been testing twice a day so I think I will keep on testing and see what happens with the ones I normally use. Thanks again!

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  • I started with the digitalis, but didn't like them so I switched to a monitor.
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