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childbirth classes at Mercy and MoBap

So I am planning on having a natural birth but I want to be 100% prepared.  I am planning on having my baby at Mercy so my initial thought was to take my classes at Mercy.  My husband and I signed up for Childbirth, Newborn Care, and Breastfeeding Basics at Mercy... after doing some research, I found that MoBap has a 4 week natural childbirth class with an optional 1/2 day natural advanced childbirth class.  I am wondering if I should switch to take my Child-birthing classes at MoBap (so I can get the specialized natural childbirth information) and take my other classes and my maternity center tour at Mercy or if I should just stick with taking my classes at Mercy.

 Has anyone taken classes at either of these 2 hospitals and what kind of experiences did you have?  I'm a first time mom and just want to get the best and most useful information!  Thanks in advanced!

Re: childbirth classes at Mercy and MoBap

  • I think the advantage of taking classes at your delivery hospital is that you get familiar with the buildings. They usually give you a tour, but you can get a tour without taking the classes. I would just do the one that interests you the most. 

    Since you are interested in a natural birth, have you seen St.mLouis is getting a birthing center?

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  • I too am planning a natural childbirth but I am planning to deliver at MoBap.  I just took their one day regular childbirth class, and it was good-taught by a doula.  My husband and I signed up for the advanced natural workshop after talking to another couple who said that they got a lot more out of that class.  My husband and I also decided to hire a doula to help us through labor since we are going natural. We have done a lot of research and I highly recommend it!  Also, if you want to read, "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" was very helpful for me, and my hubs is reading "The Birth Partner".  I've also heard that "Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering" is fantastic.  Plus, if you want information on making sure your baby is in the optimal position, try Sorry if that was information overload, but I hope some of it helps!
  • We did the Mercy classes exactly as you're signed up for them. The Childbirth class was 1/2 dedicated to natural childbirth with practice on relaxation techniques and such and 1/2 discussing other options. I still found it useful.

    I found that reading books was more useful for me, though. The best book I would suggest is Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds. I also liked Husband Coached Childbirth. 

    Also, there is an online childbirth class on BabyCenter that's free and pretty helpful as well. 

    Good luck! 

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  • I'm having my baby at mercy as well and I took the childbirth in one day class and I def learned a lot and also got to tour each room and see the nursery. Our teacher was super nice and explained everything very well. I would def take another class there. if your having your baby at mercy I'd def take your classes there. Good luck!


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  • I would like to say, this was a great "board" experience.  I have done them in the past with much disappointment.  Everyone was super kind and super helpful.  I will defiantly look into the books recommended.  I have looked into the birthing center in town but I would feel better at a hospital (for no other reason than it would make me feel better).  If I didn't plan to be in a hospital, I would do a home birth but the hospital is something my husband is significantly more comfortable with.
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