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What could it mean?

i went in today for my weekly BPP and NST...the dr has me going into the hospital in the morning for a repeat NST because he said we had a low score for LO's BPP...but i was kinda freaked out n didnt even think to ask wat that meant??? He was gonna have me go back to his office for the repeat but asked me to go to the hospital (in his words) " So if anything is wrong i'll already be up there" because Wednesday is his mainly hospital day?! So now im worried...all i know is he said we had like a 6 out of whatever it is!? Any ideas? What does this mean? Can it mean?
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Re: What could it mean?

  • Call the Dr's office back and ask for more details.
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  • Yeah I would call them and ask.  Why spend all day and night worrying? 
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  • I would call. But I can tell you that the total is out of 8 (2 points for each of the 4 things they look at). So a 6 is not a huge deal I would not think. I can't remember all that they look at. But I know there is movement, and 'practice breathing' those are the only ones I know about.

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  • ok so i was wrong...she gave me a 4 out of 8 not a 6...and it was because my LO wasnt moving during the BPP...of course he had been doing gymnastics in my belly before i left the house this morning but as soon as we got there...NOTHING!!! she had me roll on my side, roll back, stand up, move to each side, walk around the room....nothing....so i have to go to the hospital in the am for the repeat test!!! Still a lill worried but not quite so much...although they said it could mean delivering early or even immediately (i would so not be complaining about that! lol)
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