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possible PPD/returning to work

mobile: possible PPD/returning to work

First off I am mostly a lurker but do respond if I have an answer to someone's question that hasn't been addressed by someone else or if I have a different perspective on things. I really need some advice if anyone can help. 

I'm not sure if what I have is PPD, I started feeling very lonely and anxious 2 weeks PP after DH went back to work and family went back home. DS got real colicky from 3-8 weeks, It was a very dark time for me and I felt incredibly guilty I wasn't that overly joyful new mother all my friends seemed to be after having babies. DS still can't handle a very long wake time so we don't get out of the house much or he will get overtired and fussy! DH is good at taking LO when he gets home but I'm still struggling. I have been counting down the days I can go back to work just so I can get out of the house and be around adults more.  My baby blues or depression (whatever you call it) has gotten MUCH better since the colicky behavior ended but I still have sad times that creep up on me. I feel like at 3 months if it where baby blues it would be gone by now. 

I'm just wondering if anyone felt down or sad and it got better once returning to work? I'm holding off on talking to my doctor b/c I think going back to work will help. I'm also wondering if I'm just being delusional and in denial about it all as well.  Anyone with a similar experience? I'd really appreciate any feed back. TIA

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Re: possible PPD/returning to work

  • I had some anxiety after my daughter was born. I did speak with my doctor about it just to make him aware of how I was feeling. We decided that meeting with a counselor was a good solution for the time being b/c we wanted to avoid medication since I was and still am nursing. I met with the counselor once or twice and that helped to just be able to vent to someone outside of the situation. The conversation with my doctor came down to: as long as the baby and I are safe and I'm being proactive about how I'm feeling, we didn't need to consider meds.I do think it's a good idea to make your doctor aware of how your feeling so they can keep an eye on you... your mind and body have gone through a lot of changes and this may be medical or hormonal but you want to include your doctor in all of this, that's what they're there for.

    I would suggest making sure you have time to yourself everyday, even if it's for 15 minutes, do something without your baby that you enjoy. Work is a good distraction for your feelings and may help you feel better once you're able to get some space from LO, have more adult conversations and engage in other productive activities.

    I wish you the best as you return to work and make sure you take care of yourself. It's easy to forget ourselves with out LOs around and as important as they are you have to be mindful of your own wellness (mentally and physically). It's cliche but like they say in airplane emergencies, put your oxygen mask on before you assist anyone else with theirs.


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  • I do think having a routine and being around adults might help, but it might also make things harder as your LO is still going to need you and fuss in the evenings, etc. call your doc! Gl.

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  • I would definitely call your doctor. I went to see mine last week, and just talking to her made me feel better. I go see a counselor tomorrow. Everything you are feeling is normal! You are not alone. My son had colic and he still cries a lot when he is tired. It's hard. I have a 2 and a half year old so it's pretty insane. Work will help you, but definitely talk to someone. Remember, you will be a better mom when you feel better!
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